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05 de Noviembre, 2013    General

Sun - Saturn in conjunction 11.06.2013

The Sun conjunct Saturn, make a slow action , serious, thorough , responsible, and awareness, along with sunlight that will shine, justice and wisdom . These are very important days from astrology , since Saturn teaches that the error must be resolved and settled, not by compulsion but wrong everything slows us down , whether contradictions , antagonisms , misconceptions , gasps or distorted psychological structures , past entrenched that can produce all kinds of emotions and wrong actions , a bad or wrong direction. In sum Saturn and the Sun together help correct direction in life , and Scorpio is more urgent and deep, which is the sign of inner strength , awareness , and strength to handle consientemente . The Moon conjunct North Node and Mercury make the rational assist in this process , and Node to set or enable new directions or goals to follow, or discover skills or relationships that were deep within yourself, perhaps professions, potential , or inner strength we did not know was , or situation pressures us to draw out and develop it fully , Scorpio gives him the strength and depth needed to go deeper in all internal areas as consent . Mars astrological support helps with strength, enthusiasm , and action, Pluto will force even more aware and depth of change and personal power of realization, Neptune will provide sensitivity , intuition , perception, capturing deep unconscious , Jupiter will provide expansion , positivity and need for knowledge or wisdom to generate the changes . The biggest changes will be spiritual and social level and in international politics , which tend to world union of criteria .

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