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29 de Diciembre, 2012    General

Sun - Pluto conjunct 30/12/2012

This combination is produced in house 8 almost 9, in good aspect with Saturn, and Uranus and Jupiter inharmonious. The sun gives Pluto here all the power of action, strength, research capability, capacity to investigate and go to the most and the deepest, with the ability to solve complex problems, especially in the psychological, the paranormal, and the science in particular. Power is what else is in action, especially awakens hidden capabilities to change and transform all complex and all that at other times become difficult to manage or understand everything here parese achievable and possible to do. Pluto represents power and energy that moves, it also represents the ambition and selfishness, or the need to possess and retain, is represented as the value of gold, which has always valued tube material and spiritual. The positive aspect of Saturn gives righteousness, perseverance, strength, coldness of action, implementation capacity, processing power, etc, greater stability, especially in the area of ​​politics and trade. The downside of Uranus generates a rebellious attitude and difficult to manage energy, acting as a trigger, ready to fire or activate the rebellion or hidden conflicts. From a worldly point of view can produce current political, economic, social, generating some war or armed conflict, which can use nuclear energy or large expoliciones. From the point of view of land, big winds, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, large cracks in the earth, etc.. From the point of view of the economy could be a break higher than today. On this day there is a T square between Saturn, Moon and Mars, which could result in the collapse of a major political leader, death or defeat of a whole system of political power. Falling one can make others fall so with others.

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