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04 de Enero, 2013    General

Astrological Predictions 2013

Astrological Predictions 2013 general

This Year 2013, for me it is presented as complex and critical as the previous year, which was plagued by astrological events as important, however pass by a series of events transformers, and somehow are a continuation of last year's events . Talk planetary transit through the signs of the zodiac.

Mercury will transit Capricorn until January 18, the mind and the very specific reasoning presented stable or the tendency to want stability and want to change or vary on what you have, but if you try to build on actual seeds, stable, or large or long-term safety, they will tend to save and not spend, for reasons of stability or want to have for the foreseeable future. The square of Uranus can do that at times lose patience easily, and feel greater uncertainty about the future, and what we want to structure. There may be much mental stress, problems in the nervous system, bones, spine, headaches, and problems with blood pressure. The Pluto-Mercury conjunction benefit from a deep capacity for research, both in the mental, the psychic, the construction area, and the area of ​​personal power, especially for economists, political, and economic power people generally released much security to act and resolve difficult situations.

Mercury is in Aquarius until February 5, here the mind rises to a point higher intelligence, creativity, mobility, and humanism. Here favor scientists and all those in the area of ​​creativity and research.

Mercury in Pisces runs until April 13, making the mind becomes more focused on himself, more introspective, visionary and intuitive. The tendency to want valued and appreciate what one is, and maybe it's just that we see on the way inside, making us aware of the relationships with others, and our worth to others. The conjunction of Mercury to Neptune can make you have astral travel, visions of the future and the past, also a deeper view of reality in which we live, and from there take serious decisions. For writers, novelists, and all that are in the area of ​​art will be at its best, especially anything related to movies, especially science fiction, or the area of ​​illusion or magic.

Mercury in Aries here takes a different turn, under tension and stress, may become critical situations or be under a lot of internal and external pressure, the fighting force of Aries, the mind will become very enthusiastic, active, and able to act or take action or reaction. The headaches tend to increase by excess voltage or on demand, and little patience with the situation, especially with public relations. Haste will be there on May 1. Strongly feel their way around, and give plenty of attitude to risk and the need to generate adrenaline.

Mercury in Taurus will be there until May 15. The mind becomes slower and with a tendency to want things or make them realize the concrete, or the inertia of what already brings. Here this short passage give some stability or security in what you think and what you do, you may tend to remember past situations, or relive similar situations in the past. Perhaps memories of previous lives.

Mercury in Gemini will be there until the 30th of May. Here the mind is much more agile, clear and deep, especially in the rational, research and curiosity, and also the expression of thoughts in spoken or written, especially for writers and speakers. Days before leaving Gemini will be a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury, giving the possibility of financial expansion, social, cultural, political, and romantic relationships very fruitful and abundant. The mind here is supported by the wisdom of Jupiter and Venus love making one of the most positive moments of the year, materially and spiritually. But before leaving Gemini meets Black Moon or Lilith, that may be generated by any kind of treachery and deceit, whether material, contracts, scams, etc.

Mercury in Cancer will be there until August 8 making the mind more associated with social relationships, love, family, cultural, emotional, political, etc.

Mercury in Leo will be there up until August 23, will attempt to shine here with great force, but tend to have a lot of strong opposition or obstacles in the expression, or have a great brake, or not fully clear objectives or situations . International politics is affected in these days, especially with respect to transactions and international conventions.

Mercury in Virgo will be there until the 9th of September, in its own sign the rational capacity is much more concrete and stable, will be much more balanced as to resolve all conflicts and difficult situations, especially in the psychological and material, especially do with the labor. He is like a fresh wave of good situations with a mind much more compact, rational and retailer.

Mercury in Libra will be there until 29 September, here tends to be pacified, or want to see as are the relationships with others, and want to resolve to go next, but the astrological influences here are not charities, but rather in crisis under pressure in all areas, and highly demanded by the social and emotional state.

Mercury in Scorpio will be there until December 4, making the mind is much deeper, practical, quiet, stable, and observer. During his time here, will be in conjunction with Saturn and the North Lunar Node, making the consciousness of rectitude and acts, is primary, and also the objectives and goals will intensify and will be much clearer and more realistic. Here can be a balance in international politics, to provide solutions to the current situation.

Mercury in Sagittarius will be there until December 24, here spiritual and mental brightness can be powerful, there may be new hope for solutions Gesten in every way, is a good time for students and teachers. And a good time for short and long trips. And having contact with foreigners.

Venus will be in Capricorn from January 9 to February 1, here Venus becomes more stable, consistent, strict and calculating through feelings, tends to cool in this sign, but if there are relationships in this era tend to be stable and serious, and romantic relationships abound with older people, and people of high society. Love relations of political unthinkable. The conjunct Pluto can produce a massive demonstration of people, large-scale migrations, huge social problems, economic problems on a large scale, big scams, enrichment of large companies with enormous dimensions. Maybe the fall of a major political leader or political change of an important nation, albeit with great upheavals.

Venus in Aquarius will be there until February 25, released here much universal love, and also many love affairs transient, but very passionate, perhaps the need to renew the feelings and passions have lead many to many relationships. Humanist associations will be working at full capacity, and help relieve feelings of many large-scale solidarity.

Venus in Pisces will be there until March 21, here a deeper feelings and intuition, they tend to feel or love in a more intimate or reserved, the conjunction with Neptune heightens intuition and feelings, also the creative ability to art, music, painting, sculpture, etc.. The depth of feeling will make you discover solutions to problems in the area of ​​sociology and spirituality, many people wake up one clairvoyance or intuition can be prophetic, divining, the spiritual or transcendent. The main beneficiaries will be the artists, film, and everything related to relationships teatro.Las started here may have a double dye, first be deeper, and the other being based on an excess of self-deception or illusion, or excess of deception.

Venus in Aries will be there until the 15th of April, causing intense passions become mixed with love, sexuality, sensuality expressed very fully. When entering Aries does making a conjunction to Uranus, making the continuation of the events of Capricorn repercussions here, returning to produce large mobilizations of people, and at a point of extreme rebellion, or in need of liberation from oppression and structures obsolete or that are not working in the world governments. Before leaving Aries will be a triple conjunction of Venus, Sun and Mars, giving the possibility to generate sexual relationships of total intensity, perhaps with a total passion, but do not mean that they can be durable, born or made fast , and so end. It can also mean the sexual encounter and loving couple.

Venus in Taurus will be there until the 9th of May, here materialize emotions or feelings, they become more stable, and generally to Taurus does not like change or change, the need for stability and security, so that relationships are more stable or durable. The material gains are benefited, and also material stability. Venus will pass through the South Node in Taurus during transit, so it is possible to have memories of past lives or past romantic relationships, or even the occasional encounter with a former partner.

Venus in Gemini will be there until June 2, here becomes intellectual feeling, and eager to relate to others, many social and cultural activities. Very suitable for those who are in public relations, writers and speakers. Before leaving Gemini will be in conjunction with Mercury and Jupiter, can provide many opportunities for relationships, deep love, and that can be very fruitful. From the financial point of view can give very good success opportunities, especially in everything related to buying and selling, and international trade, which can lead to making large transactions. Should be taken into account by the end of Gemini Lilith conjunction of Venus, which can make or delusions occur amorous betrayals.

Venus in Cancer will be there until June 27, here the emotions are at their peak, and therefore loving relationships and family will be in his best position. The social, cultural and artistic activities will benefit greatly by the passage of Cancer. Political relations here and find a moment of peace, or integration.

Venus in Leo will be there until July 22, is in good time to schedule things at feelings, to plan actions together with your partner, or design new things to social or cultural.

Venus in Virgo will be there until August 16, will give a point here or purification of mixed feelings with strong arguments, which will help put or resolve situations that may be complicated. It is also a good time to be a psychological analysis, the connotation of the interaction of feelings with the ability to reason or analyze.

Venus is in Libra until September 10 here in Libra Venus will be fully giving all kinds of possibilities of loving relationships, social and spiritual. The art is in a time of great creativity.

Venus in Scorpio will be there until 7 October, giving an expansion and benefits in the area of ​​money and trade relations.

Venus in Sagittarius will be there until December 5, giving very good chances of expanding knowledge in all areas, and possibilities of love affairs or foreign trips.

Venus in Capricorn until March 5, 2014, the relationship will be more stable for a longer period. But there may be large mobilizations of people by political situations.

Mars in Aquarius will be up in January, giving much dynamic and individualistic force, and also very strong in sexuality, but as relationships that sentence more stable partners.

Mars in Pisces is the March 12, here is the full potential develop psychic and intuitive, which is traditionally may see things that you do not see or do not persive. Those who are in spiritual or esoteric practices will have an excellent time to act. Sexuality is tempered by sensitivity and be together through sex. Mars here can produce high tides or rains heavily.

Mars in Aries runs through April 19, here Mars takes its usual force of action, and will be fully sexuality. The fighting force is tinged with impatience, rebellion, unscrupulous or ruthless. There are probably at this time armed conflicts of all kinds. Also large volcanic eruptions, tremors or earthquakes, winds, etc..

Mars in Taurus will be there until May 31, Martian force here is constructive, realistic, hard to realize goals or things that have remained in the air, sexuality is much more active and compact. Mars Taurus gives here to force him out of action and the usual inertia, leading him to act on things that would not do at another time. The contact in North Lunar Node, can produce sexual contact with persons who were partners in past lives or this current past.

Mars in Gemini will be there until July 13, here is released intellect and ability to reason or investigate. The Martian energy especially encourage writers and all those who need creative force and expression. Here books or booklets are usually born with much sexual action.

Mars in Cancer will be there until 27 August, the emotions are mixed with sexual force, making a point of much activity. The social will be increased, as a lot of activity related to people in their own homes, perhaps people who come to live in your home, or moving home or buying a home. Ability to make long trips abroad, much mobilization of people across countries. In step by Cancer, Mars conjunct Jupiter passes, so everything concerning the economy will be positive and increased, international trade relations will improve, enrich and many at this time. It is likely to be a marriage of someone of royal or politician also important that someone come to power in international politics, and a great economist. There may also be high tides, earthquakes, windstorms, volcanic eruptions at sea.

Mars in Leo will be there until 15 October, here shall be in force willpower and personality autocotrol. Much force to develop goals and get jobs that can give honor or wealth. The sensuality sexual magnetism makes it very strong.

Mars in Virgo will be there until December 8, here mental and organizational strength will be what prevails, the ability to arrange finance and organize the relationship with the partner.

Mars in Libra will be there until July 25 here public relations and social relations will be enhanced, so loving, sexual relationships, many couples will be formed in this period of time, passion and peace of pounds will be stable . Tend to form pairs that are related to sexuality and feelings.

Jupiter in Gemini will be there until June 26, the intellect is superior and more refined here, with a good chance to travel or to act with people abroad. These are good times for students of all kinds, and they need to see details and situations that some other time dual unseen. It is good for trade, especially between countries or trade. It is also a good time for those who write books.

Jupiter in Cancer will be there until July 15, 2014, there will be much more abundant here all, families or society will benefit from all the positivity, expansion and wealth. International politics will be greatly benefited.

Saturn in Scorpio will be there throughout the 2013 act with patience and reserve that characterizes Scorpio, also act with advances and setbacks in the international economy and personal. Act as a brake on excessive sexual relations, acting as a master karmic relationships, and teaching that those in illegal activities will pay for their actions, will be found many governmental deception and fraud, and even the possibility of dropping some politicians for this cause. Power is what it will look more into crisis if nothing is done with honesty, seriousness and firmness.

Uranus in Aries will be there throughout 2013, and continue making a square to Pluto, that continue to make great social unrest, society and the people are tired of the current form of government, and will continue to act to be heard, the people here push until the change occurs. The rebellion is manifested in full out, making the daily lives of impatience is playing an important role, also the stupidity of doing reckless things, or do things left in extreme or extreme sports, which can lead to serious incidents or physical problems. Critical situations appear suddenly, without warning, causing serious problems. It is also the one that generates all kinds of bad weather, high winds, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. Bumps and headaches are the most common.

Neptune in Pisces will be there all year, so intuition, perception, clairvoyance, astral travel, and everything related to the sensory, psychological and parapsychological, will be full, Neptune in Pisces rules the seas, rivers, lakes and rain, which is what actions will be more visible as the planet, the interaction of nature through water. Many hidden things will be discovered in the sea, and over time the sea will be very important in raising their typical resources because of the earth's resources are being depleted. There will also be breakthroughs regarding psychology and development of the human mind.

Pluto in Capricorn will be there throughout this year, and will also continue in negative aspect to Uranus, so that political power will be overwhelmed by the people, it has no more patience, posing a fundamental reform of the global economy and the international politics. It will increase one's self-worth and one's ability to accomplish things through their own initiative.

RICARDO ZANI astrologer

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