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21 de Noviembre, 2017    General

Sun in transit on Ofiuchus 21-11-2017

Every year I add to the annual predictions this area, which is that of Ofiuchus, which is an area without stars that is between Scorpio and Sagittarius, that the energy of the central Sun of the galaxy arrives directly towards the Earth. Ofiuchus or ofiuco, is a constellation that is above the zodiacal line, that some stars are at the height of Scorpio, and some people want to add to the zodiacal signs. Nostradamus used this area to make predictions of what would happen until the following year until passing through this area again, it is as if the astrologic year began and ended here.Beginning the astrological tendencies the Sun remains without negative aspects, in the house 4, so the greater tendency would be associated to the home, the family, and the associated goods to the possession of house or real estate, wanting to establish a definitive or stable place Saturn and Mercury are conjunct in Sagittarius in the 5th house, these two planets together give a strong mental concentration, with a lot of rectitude, seriousness, capacity of calculations, with constructive strength, mental and rational stability, special for those who are in the area of ​​finance, construction, science, higher education, etc; As it is in house 5, children born in these days will have a deep mental capacity and deeply serious and responsible, which will tend to live many years. The black moon or Lilith, would be entering Capricorn, on the 6th house, this may mean that the biggest problems may be in the area of ​​diseases and lack of work. On the other hand, the Moon and Pluto remain in Capricorn in the 6th house, causing there to be a lot of mobilization of groups of people, massive actions or massive events, many people acting together, the events would be affecting many people in a massive way; it can also be the massive reaction against the political and economic powers. The Lunar Nodes remain in Aquarius, home7, the South Node, in Leo, in the ascendant, the North Node; the Lunar Nodes mark the most important goals to follow, the South shows the errors of the past, and the North marks what is wanted to achieve by the mistakes made in the past; the issue is that neither Leo, nor Aquarius, have topocentric houses there, are intercepted, without force of houses, then it means that the course to follow is very uncertain or difficult to follow or reach, it may be that the situations of what is happening in the world, or political or economic situations, are making the destination to be very difficult to do or perform; although they have good aspects of Saturn, Mars, Mercury and the wheel of fortune, which can make through a lot of seriousness, perseverance, strength and inner strength without fear, and a lot of conscious rational mind, can balance and resolve the situation . Neptune does not have negative aspects, in the 8th house, so that energy of intuition, deep sensitivity, astral energy, the psychological, the psychic, is like a deep force, which can help solve the psychological problems that have been dragging; Many people may be awakening deep psychic and spiritual powers, as well as the ability to capture the art of painting, music, film, and all things associated with the sea, or research that needs much depth. Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction, making the two most positive planets provide much expansion, spiritual love, luck on a large scale, achievements of many people in the area of ​​business, art, social achievements, for some fame, some will reach success of unusual levels; can appear people with a lot of spiritual capacity, beings of much spiritual level, and others will reach much depth in the spiritual; This conjución can produce loving relationships or of couple with a very great union, based on love, with abundance and with good social and economic projections. Uranus is in the 9th house, in Aries, with many astrological aspects, the positive aspect of Saturn and Mercury, they give it technical and scientific capacity, so they can reach or achieve very important discoveries, achievements in science and technology In every sense, you can achieve high level achievements in this area; Uranus in the 9th house can trigger humanitarian groups, especially for the situations that the world may be living; On the other hand Uranus is inharmonic with Mars and Pluto, all three has to do with energy, so it can get to release a lot of negative energy, very destructive energies, which will affect massively, so it is expected that the earthquakes, uracanados winds and other destructive events generated by the human being, can be generated during 2017 and 2018, until Ofiuchus next year.

So this coming year is quite complex and mixed events.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer.

By natal letters to

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