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02 de Diciembre, 2017    General

Full moon of Sagittarius 03-12-2017

This Moon full of Sagittarius would be between houses 10 (the Sun) and house 4 (the Moon), so commerce, industry, politics, profession, social, cultural, art, and so on are influenced. on the other hand the family, the home, privacy, etc; it is the past versus the future, it can be the end of a political and economic process, and the beginning of a new one, whether generated by the politicians themselves, or by pressures generated by society in general. Venus is in the 10th house, giving the possibility that some people reach fame, or an unusual social success, many people gatherings for the same purpose, achievements of people associated with culture, art, architecture, music, singing, dance, haute couture, etc. The Moon is inharmonic with Neptune giving the feeling of anguish, insecurity, depression, psychological problems, sense of vulnerability, problems of insecurity in the family, disappointment, etc. The Sun remains in good aspects with the North Lunar Node, giving many possibilities to achieve important goals or objectives, especially in the area of work and commerce in general, as well as in the area of organization and politics. Jupiter that is in the 9th house, is inharmonic with the Lunar Nodes, so the international politics can be in crisis or does not find the correct address, like the religious institutions, there can be a problem between religions or religious; It is not advisable to make long trips or project to live in another country that is not the original, because little can be expected in this situation: another thing may be that you want to achieve great goals, without the necessary resources, or with a higher cost what you want to reach Saturn is in conjunction with Mercury in the 11th house of the objectives, making the rational mind become cold, but concrete and concentrated, taking advantage of the acts and problems, and being able to program and solve complex things, do things that can last a long time, the things programmed here can be achieved or sustained for a long time, with much stability and perseverance; This conjunction has good aspects of Uranus and Mars, so it can benefit those who are in the area of ​​mathematics, science in general, construction, architecture, design, psychologists, electronic technology, etc. Uranus is inharmonic with Mars and Pluto, this can produce all kinds of economic problems, social, major uprisings or mobilizations of people, problems by explosions, attacks, problems in the stock market, banks, financial breaks, earthquakes, wars, hurricane winds, activation of volcanoes, etc.For the different signs:Aries is full of intensity, on the one hand very good possibilities of material achievements and money, personal independence, and economic, and on the other hand very good time for those who are in the area of ​​science, mathematics, mechanics, electronics, the mathematics, construction, etc. But on the other hand many tensions, difficult problems to solve, very extreme situations, we must be very careful of falls and shocks, and avoid violent situations.Taurus good time to start studies of some kind, solve legal situations or roles, situations with siblings, you probably want to make or achieve goals that may be large but with few resources, or have no support at the current time.Geminis there may be changes in the home or in the family, there are confusing or depressing situations in some way, loneliness in their goals or situations, disappointment or insecurity.Cancer finances and situations with children are the most important things in these days, try not to travel temporarily, because you can have problems in travel, or you have to go through difficult situations. Very pressured in their goals.I read on the one hand very good chances of work achievements and achievements in the profession, very secure in their goals, but problems in studies or travel, unnecessary expenses, or goals that have no sustenance, ambition that does not go anywhere. At a couple level the wheel of fortune accompanies them.Virgo good time at the social, cultural level, and in art, greater stability in the area of ​​the couple, rational strength, and stability in the mental part. Maybe marriage proposals.Libra good time to deepen the conscience, solve complex problems, solve legal problems, go deep in the mind, on the one hand possibility of achievements of important and long-term goals, and on the other hand some controversies in the economic area, try not to risk life in extreme situations or extreme activities.Scorpio on the one hand a lot of depth in the spiritual area, sports, studies, etc., I recommend that you do not make long trips or go to another country, you may not achieve the goals or what they require, much ambition and few possibilities to integrate or achieve the goals, are as braked or it is not clear the way forward.Sagittarius on the one hand good moment in the area of profession, trade or industry, social, art, music, singing, with the possibility of social expansion or popularity, if there is a new love, possibility of marriage. But on the other hand diffuse or confusing situations in the family or home, loneliness or melancholy.Capricorn on the one hand a lot of stability in the goals, perseverance, seriousness, a lot of ability in the area of mathematics, conscious reasoning, but on the other hand complicated situations in the area of money, or goals based on the material, with some possibilities of betrayals or negativities of people with whom they are related.Aquarius tend to be lonely or not want to have contact with people, very connected to the past, which may be affecting them in some way, ambitions do not go far, is not traveling, may have problems in them, or suffer from some way.Pisces may feel a little more active or in action, with possibilities of important money achievements, but with many obstacles or problems, especially legal, tendency to loneliness, depression, or insecurity in personality or contact with people , tendency to disappointment, or abandonment.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer.

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