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16 de Junio, 2012    General

Sun conjunct the Galactic Center South 06/17/2012

This combination occurs in Gemini in house 7, in dissonant aspect with Mars, and in harmony with Neptune and Saturn. This energy coming from the South Galactic will bring the deep intellectual energy of Gemini, the mind will have the full range of aspects to life, especially spiritual. Saturn from Libra will seriousness, honesty, persistence, severity, that the time required, it can also indicate the rise of a new politician or economist to power, someone with new ideas, or generate significant changes in the international area, you can also be the case for the emergence of new personalities of a spiritual nature that will be new guidelines on the spiritual path to God the Father in heaven, or else people start to find your way or place in life and on the spiritual path. Neptune helps with giving himself the depth that this event requires, giving sensitivity, intuition, perception, mediumship, spiritual openness, openness to etheric planes, astral travel and spiritual, and so on. The square to Mars can indicate all sorts of problems from crashes, earthquakes, high winds, international problems between countries, very serious, possible attacks. You can be the end of a royal couple, domestic unrest in countries or internal revolutions. You can be the resignation of an important politician. The discontent that has been dragging no less in these days, it seems that there is nothing safe or stable, there is a tendency to deep uncertainty in the workplace and economy. Strangely the wheel of fortune is conjunct the North Node of the Moon in the house 11, the objectives or goals, given as a premise that can get to achieve the objectives in a way, that there is a new direction follow. These days astrological level are so complex and so critical, that I can not fully express in words also affects each person in a particular way from a different angle, but also from from a global perspective. All these events are riddled Gemini profound changes in humanity, that even if nothing external happens, you begin to see from within the being of every person that effect, it is clear that the institutions that govern us are not delivering what the people need, which is the true guide and control, both political and spiritual, and others. So the change is being noticed because it is emerging a new need to do and see things in people.

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