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18 de Junio, 2012    General

Gemini New Moon 06/19/2012

One thing that happens is that they rarely give two New Moons in the same sign, and adds to the many special situations that occurred during Gemini. In addition, special situations on this day. The Sun and Moon are in the 8th house, in good aspect to Saturn, Neptune, and in evil aspect with Mars. The subject is curious that Gemini is intercepted between two houses topocentric, between 8 and 9, or any house that does not fall topocentric, this indicates that the action of the New Moon will be different or will not act as they normally work. Indicates that changes or reforms will be very difficult to do, solve, or to perform. Although still the conjunction with the Galactic Center South, changes can be a spiritual level, psychological, mental, emotional, social, intuitive, and so on. Saturn's support makes the rectitude, constancy and severity are leading the situation, or correcting it. The positive side of Neptune gives intuition, perception, and sensitivity to cope. Both planets give depth and strength to the situation. The square of Mars can produce violence and conflicts of all kinds, with a tendency to want to coerce or pressure to get what you want, to act without thinking, or sheer recklessness, or when doing things at a later time can not to do, not to measure risk. This situation can weigh people making serious mistakes. There may be social conflict, or war. This square continues the trend to climate, and earthquakes, or earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, such as those that have been happening. Ascendant is Scorpio, the house 2 also there, so the economy can have a pretty big turn, and begin to give more stable or specific situations, in managing the global money also goes with the wheel fortune, making the material lot and gains or acquisitions are more fruitful and concrete. Venus is in quinscuns with Pluto square Neptune, so the social and political situation is convolution, or crisis, continuing protests over the current situation. This astrological position can indicate mass killings by some calamity. The Midheaven is in Leo and the situation of the rulers may be as untouchable, and that its power is intact, is likely to assume power a new president, king, or someone of great political and economic power, in which will make the situation difficult enough dirigencial, and to be short on action.

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