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09 de Enero, 2014    General

Sol - Venus conjunct 01/11/2014

Generally the Sun conjunct Venus makes the emotions are deep , love flows easily and intensely , or at least it is easier to fully express emotions. Venus is trying to see every angle of the situations and feelings, here becomes less full of doubts and acting on the belief that the bonds of time. As occurs in the 9th house love can be prosecuted through the spiritual, travel , sports , studies , etc. . It is very good time for social , cultural, express creativity in all areas, beauty and express feelings, especially for artists. It is likely that many artists come to have great fame or acceptance or significant achievements in these days , architects and builders alike. Romantic relationships will generate more fluid than at other times. Is likely to occur in relationships with travel or foreign people. Social relations between countries on the one hand be more fluid or tend to unions of some kind, could someone of royalty or some important political fall in love . This receives some negatives conjunction of Jupiter and Mars , so the economy tends to be controversial, or in crisis , or difficult to manage . Many relationships may tend to fall or disappear contrast of a new relationship, and thus also commercial companies or policies tend to fall or disappear pressure these days, but generate new directions and possibilities of action, new social connections and cultural , new businesses , new structures, new bosses , total changes required by the situation. Conjunctions of the Sun with Venus for the Mayans were most important , and marked cycles of experiences for them , this day and the following days are extremely complicated in every way, on the one hand many social and political situations , and positive economic scale , and other hand many complex situations, reviews, a lot of poverty , social crises , movements of many people in protests or social revolutions , terrorist activity, explosions, bombs, extreme weather with strong winds , earthquakes , large mobilizations of water, volcanoes that are activated or exploit , and even wars possibility of some kind. The problem may be that these days generate extremist , violent , explosive attitude , with much bitterness , resentment , and acted without thinking by excess charged feelings , especially the accumulation of frustrations. astrological theme and will continue for many months by Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter , which amplify side for the ambitions , frustrations , and needs will become more profound or extreme . This combination may indicate that it should act more human attitude and a genuine love for others , and sincerar feelings with those around us , not to trigger social conflict and follow with a lasting relationship. Sun - Venus conjunction this may be marking an unprecedented change in both political, social , economic, cultural, religious, scientific , etc. . It is likely that a political leader falls or has a setback , or that some religions are agreeing something, or somehow the global religious situation may be in crisis and need to do a conference to beat the situation of people around the world . There may be a large-scale earthquake . In sum love and power is what will move and be in action in these days.

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