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15 de Enero, 2014    General

Capricorn Full Moon 01/16/2014

This full moon like the conjunction Sun - Venus -Pluto , marking a time of profound change, internal and external conflicts and , the personal with the impersonal coldness of emotions in counterpart with the need to connect to others, it may be that feelings have to be tightly controlled , or want to have power in any form , or lethargic and frustrations things are skin deep , and loss of patience is most feasible. This can cause you want to make changes in any way, even with coercion and violence, and explosive attitudes, but the good thing is wanting a change that must be made . Politically power over the masses economically, increase pressure , rather than wanting to give real aid , and banks will want to find some direction or out of the current situation, but in vain. There will likely be a sharp drop in the international market , and create greater uncertainty. Inclement weather will continue , with strong winds , heavy rains and many lightning strikes, strong earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It may be that a major political die through an attack , or a person or group of persons , to mark the beginning of a major conflict , it may be that an important or famous woman to have an end, in an altercation or violent situation. Anyway we must beware of treachery and what is signed at a legal level , or all kinds of fraud , it is advisable that these days not sign trade agreements or new companies do, because they tend to fail, or the loss fraud or theft.

For different signs :

Aries: impulsive take care of your attitude, and rebellion is in full , however the need for change can serve to make changes at home or in the family and even move house . Take the opportunity to remove old grudges or resentments.

Taurus is pressured by children or work, is a very good moment for creativity , art and work with passion , so good .

Gemini wheel of fortune accompanies with social openings, new loves or renewal in the couple. Many activities , and the possibility of new companies .

Cancer must be careful of the treachery and deceit , especially of female friendships. The trips do not give the desired results. It seems their expansion projects, but projects do not need many resources, only what you can spend .

Leo feels like led by the situations and observing what happens , it is likely that the associations running low. His usual control is as decreased, but only latent to act at the right time .

Virgo good time to spiritual activities , traveling, and learning, good time for students. Perhaps long trip for work.

British achievements in the profession or work , with higher conflict situations , strong fight to achieve their goals , strong sexual magnetism. Take care of your explosive or impulsive attitude.

Scorpio on the one hand you are probably reaching important goals , and organizing your life , but social relationships may be conflicting with female eye betrayals. The goals remain clear but need to take away or rest to know what direction to go .

Sagittarius are more optimistic than at other times , they are probably solving situations that are dragging . Take care of your liver.

Capricorn is the focus of attention or stress , is a formidable tool to make profound changes , and make decisions which at other times would not, good time to turn love with someone point. Good time for social activities.

Aquarius tensions over money can be solved , perhaps a new labor contract with better profits. Good time for students.

Pisces good time for writers and artists, and those in the research. Expansion of their ideas, and the intuition is helping. Brothers to resolve situations , you may need to care for others .

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