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02 de Noviembre, 2013    General

Scorpio New Moon 11.03.2013

This Scorpio New Moon is extraordinarily important and fundamental to structure and build new goals, or develop the old goals that have been waiting to be developed, as I said in previous days, the 30.10.2013 , of the Sun conjunct North Lunar Node , here are the Moon the Sun , Saturn, and Mercury , all together on the North Lunar Node . So this bring great changes and great opportunities, to enable many people, in order to achieve goals that seem impossible or as far to reach, or in some way is a good time for all kinds of actions , professions, and program things you want a long-term outcome , durable and low consistency , honesty , reliability, responsibility, good judgment , deep reasonableness and ability to investigate . It is likely that new forms or structures gesten spiritually and in religions, or otherwise encounter a new order of spiritual or religious structure or new spiritual leaders , it is also likely that many people who have many qualities or tube asleep in his inner spiritual and psychological level emerge or speak with great force and clarity , or are somehow begin to manifest qualities and capabilities that were asleep . Several planets support positively to this conjunction , Mars gives strength, energy , enthusiasm, especially active sexuality and mental force acting from Virgo , Neptune offers intuition , perception, and depth, Pluto gives consciousness and power of action and realization. Anyway big changes are expected at the spiritual , political and economic worldwide. You may be considering a new proposition of political and religious union worldwide. Notwithstanding the following existing squares between Pluto , Uranus and Jupiter will continue to generate social crisis , economic and political , with consequent internal disunity and foreign countries. Perhaps these days are to face a new way forward globally. These squares will also continue producing all kinds of problems with the weather , earthquakes , high winds , volcanic eruptions, etc. .

For different signs :

Aries the need to renew or change may be in the area of money, you may want to renew or change their work or activities to acquire money .

Taurus will be very depressed about the whole situation astrological , which will lead to consider deeply about his past and all that has been slowing and stagnating.

Gemini is doomed especially the family, ordering or arranging things in your home , it is likely that tends to want to express a little creativity. Luck on chance.

Cancer good time in labor and social relations , expansion of these areas . Good relations between the couple, love of home and family.

Leo situations it may be misleading , you may not have the help or support you need from your partner , or through relationships, tends to feel lonely or isolated . Some strange relationship.

Virgo good time for students , travelers and teachers, good time to travel . Good time for relationships rather intense and passionate .

Libra is likely to feel that situations are out of hand , or they can not fully handle have to pay close attention to the body , and check for any disease.

Scorpio is at its best, at its best possibility to integrate all their lives, or to assemble all unarmed, and reach the unreached .

Sagittarius good time for socializing and also to establish new ties of affection , and perhaps new plans sentimental love or connections . Achievements in art and music.

Capricorn is as submerged part deep within themselves trying to fill those empty spaces of relations , but his inner strength leads them to discover much more about themselves , good luck in new ventures and new structures.

Aquarius is likely to feel powerless even to be rebels , or aimless course, situations are likely to try them in their fortress.

Pisces good time to do business and get lucky in business or money, everything flows well after the storm. New ways forward .

Ricardo M. Zani Astrologer

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