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05 de Noviembre, 2014    General

Scorpio Moon 22hs23' 11/06/2014

Scorpio Moon 22hs23' 11/06/2014 

This full moon is between houses 4 and 10, household situations, career and success are at stake on this day, might be home situations where the objectives are pressing, or some so they are locking. The conjunction of Venus with the Sun provides a deep connection with love and peace in Scorpio is very strong sexual magnetism with feelings, and also become very serious because it indicates to do serious and lasting ties. Jupiter is in inharmonious with the Sun and Venus, so that ambition may be enlarged, or want things on a large scale, but not having the resources to do so, or spend too much on something that will not give what you want. The dissonant Jupiter and Venus to the Sun and the Moon, may indicate social conflicts, and conflicts in relationships of couples, pressured by the economic situation. Mars and Pluto are in inharmonious with Moles and Uranus nodes, so it is wars expected, trouble finding targets, explosions, international crisis, attacks of all kinds, crisis in religious institutions, profound changes in religious optic crisis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. The positive aspect of Mars and Pluto to Venus and the Sun, and the Moon, may indicate that the great political and economic power want to grow even more in power, and drag some large masses of people, it is likely that two types of policy arising or economists, one of utter selfishness and wanting to continue using the masses for their own benefits, and others who want to really help people in every way, both spiritual and material. 

For different signs: 

Aries by side has extraordinary moments of intelligence and wisdom, and the possibility of spiritual experiences, deep memories of the past, and the need to get rid of them, you have to stay healthy, and do not push yourself too hard over what can be or do to avoid falling into a deep stress. 

Taureans have a good chance of social success, but at the cost of moving away from family, overspending can break its economy tends to separate from his. You can achieve fame. Problems with pregnancies, abortions perhaps. Pancreatic, liver and bowel problems. 

Gemini objectives remain clear, good relations with friends, tends to clear their legal and business problems or obstacles. 

Cancer is likely not see clear future, or that the situation is leading, strong opposition or antagonism, but a good chance prosecuted socially and have social acceptance. 

Leo keeps the optimism and confidence that characterizes it, and too much, good chances of expanding its objectives and major achievements of money, but with family crisis, or away, whether for business or travel, or may not be of his ideals, like with your partner. Problems in pregnancy. Liver and heart problems. 

Virgo good chance of money, and good opportunities for student achievement, strong contacts with siblings or relatives, insecurity and generates excess illusions Neptune in opposition. 

Libra good time for researchers and students, and strength to build your fate, but external situations do not help much controversy in the work or for health reasons. A very deep insight the floods. 

Scorpio on the one hand requires a strong bond with the family, and has the ability to integrate with a bond of great love, but it has disputes with a woman and a man, perhaps work situations may have imbalances or problems, and health should be reviewed very carefully. Problems with pregnancies, abortions perhaps. Liver or pancreatic problems. 

Sagittarius feel as outside, the support of Jupiter gives very good prospects of financial and spiritual achievements, ability to travel, but with problems. Perhaps achievements of the children if you have them. 

Capricorn feels a side that has all the power to achieve their goals especially labor, and has an inner strength that does not have much to run your life, but have considerable controversy, especially in the spiritual. They probably have a strong relationship, with a great love and sex online. There may be respiratory problems, headaches and bone problems. We do not recommend long trips. 

Aquarius good chance to realize a couple, much love, and social activities, is likely to be off with the family, not understanding their current partner, and the heads or superiors. Best of luck. Liver, gallbladder, kidney problems.

Pisces good time to make changes, resolve psychological and spiritual issues, good intuition, perception. Possibility of new business partnerships. Achievements in the profession and employment. Possibility of new love and sex, or renew your relationship with your partner drive. Popularity or fame. Job promotion. 

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 


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