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28 de Octubre, 2012    General

Scorpio Full Moon 10/29/2012

This full moon occurs between houses 5 (the Sun) and the 11th house (Moon). In good aspects to Pluto and Neptune, and Saturn conjunct. The full Moon always marks a maximum power in every way, and also marks the end of the process. Here the ability of the Sun and Saturn together mark a huge potential for creativity, stability, strength, perseverance, solution objectives, supported by a huge depth to see situations, change, amend, expand them, etc.. It is also an excellent time for those in the area of ​​research, science, art, psychology, social sciences, archeology, etc.. One problem you may have is impatience, or zero tolerance, especially in the area of ​​family or social. Yet politicians and politics in general is supported by force of Pluto, with greater vision and management of massive current situation. From a personal standpoint, it may indicate an improvement in the ability of dealing with people, making large-scale meetings, or sell things in bulk, and even in the area of ​​export can open new links in bulk. However the climatic situation in the world continue unbalanced, either with high winds, heavy rains, high tides, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc.. The Jupiter-Mars opposition may indicate very strong action, a lot of ambition, but not worn or have the expected results with what it gets.
For different signs:
Aries tensions can be impatient, or wear on the couple, but may find new forms of action that can be independent, and generate their own resources., Is a very good time to renew or redo goals or objectives.
Taurus on the one hand it may be time to achieve success, power, or become famous, at all costs, for the good acceptance of others, with the force and inertia typical Taurus. But the psychological wear, either confront memories or current situations, tend to be lonely or melancholy.

Gemini Jupiter this may help in things in general, but not pass around, and everything go estere accommodating.

Cancer walks with great strength and optimism, eager to act and solve their things, they can achieve optimal situations for money at a good level, take advantage of these days.

Leo is likely that this very involved in social relationships, especially the relationship with siblings, and relatives. You probably need of improvement work.

Virgo may be using your home as shelter to exit the social contact, but situations to have to take him to connect with others, possibility of loving touch.

Libra is likely to want to end a relationship, and begin a new one, or want to reset the existing, not fully agree with the situation. Windfalls. Beware pregnancies. Situations with children.

Scorpio is in an unbeatable pair time to act, to do, resolve, maintain, structure, manage, achieve, etc.. Perhaps a good chance of loving contact, and social success, cultural, etc.

Sagittarius job demands may lead to fall in stress. They may present new sexual situations and sexual overload or power. The situation may demand too much of yourself.

Capricorn family situations can lead to end a relationship, or worn aya, and start a new relationship, with odds of marriage or marriage proposals, or to establish a formal relationship. Many social activity. New targets, perhaps almost unique moment of opportunity.

Aquarius is doing very active and humanitarian tendencies, which can reach to express them through religion or spiritual group. Possibility of travel. Many sports.

Pisces may psychologically not well, tensions will not let them see clearly, directions to choose from are many, feels he has all the power to achieve and reach their goals. Many popular and social contact.

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