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29 de Octubre, 2012    General

Crisis? Spiritual or cancellation by problems created? (II)

Under pressures humans are impressive, our mind is constantly solving hundreds of problems of all kinds, both internal and external, and many of the latter are moved inside.
As man evolves, every step you take is a challenge, a problem to solve. From the beginning on the basics like food and procreate has come to the formation of civilizations with connotations of global interaction, (always seeking an order that makes possible the existence).
How do we solve these problems?
Daily, from which we wake up (Wake involved, in many cases), we do routines to avoid thinking. All routines annihilate our mind, creating new problems, including in relation to others (children, marriage etc).
Is there a way to avoid these routines that weaken us spiritually?
If there is, first before starting the routine, we were a few seconds thinking about oneself, as I face the day, that potential problems and how I will do to resolve it. Be aware that with the fact des be (there) is a joy, is a new opportunity to improve our environment. After those few seconds, without sleep, start the day with better security, having prepared better everyday and especially the unexpected and environment.
In the most tense moments, pause to think analyzing the situation, aid, first clear the mind to see that problem exists and it affects us, and on the other hand had strength to match the confrontation with those spirits strong . This small space of thought we prepare, we will feel more confident and informed. If the real reason is ours to win and be rewarded, if on the other hand, if the reason is not ours, we must accept it, apologize if necessary, and prepare better for sure have similar experiences.
Do not forget that the will is the force that moves the spirit, and the need is the starting point, in order to comply, the spark is motivating, mobilizing not always as it depends on other factors to cover, for example (will, affective, economic etc.etc.etc.). The action will always, or not get the achievement (fill a need). Depending on your strength will make our spirit more or less strong, achievements will bring success, happiness, peace, pleasure etc., the achievements not unhappiness, sickness, depression etc.. The worst enemy of the will is the question, and the murderer is laziness, inaction, pessimism, apathy, I can not, I have no strength.
Search inside (need to connect with the creator) motivate the desire to acquire knowledge of self and relationship with others and the surrounding environment. This knowledge will generate questions and increase the willingness to find answers. Insecurity will disappear, helping to better face the day. (To be continued)
Note: Chapter (I) published 10/18/2012

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