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27 de Noviembre, 2012    General

Sagittarius Full Moon 11/28/2012

This occurs between 8 and 2 houses. This day is so complex that it is very difficult to describe astrologically speaking. While the moon is in conjunction with Jupiter and the 2nd house, and with Lilith, it is likely that the international economic situation is the focus and tension worldwide, big changes can happen here, in every sense, the end of a economic and political process, the economic crash of great nations, the initiation of new directions to take, confrontations between nations, extreme poverty for many, and so on. Big business scams and hoaxes can happen these days. Mass deaths somehow climate, diseases, earthquakes, high tides, flooding, high winds, large experiments that go wrong, or some nuclear to fail, etc. It is expected also great social unrest, mass demonstrations of people or against governments, but of extreme points of satiety and reaction. It may be the case that the economic and political situation has a crack on a large scale, and then the situation becomes more critical, and the fall of some important political regime, or have to change their policy required by the situation.

For different signs:

Aries needs some solitude or time to rest or reflect on your life, this very tied or down by situations, but hopes to get by with new projects, or new social relations.

Taurus feel safe and secure in their convictions, and the strength to act. But the past has to resolve things that are harassing.

Gemini is a dual situation, first time in a very good social and economic, with the possibility of making money on a large scale, and achieve great things with the family or home, with much popularity. And another to solve many difficult situations, whether personal or external. Possibility of new children or grandchildren.

Cancer as always associated with family and brothers, many family gatherings. It's very likely have to assist children or grandchildren.

I read this as much strength, and balance, but the situations are pressuring. It is a very good time for actors and actresses, and those in politics. Possibility of pregnancy.

Virgo can this best of health, and has a good chance of working, and staying active. His mind remains clear in its objectives.

Libra is like living in a separate reality, and out of this situation, while good, job opportunities it can overwhelm.

Scorpio is in the center of the storm, however you can find support in someone who is older, or serious or responsible, possibilities of a great love. Much social contact. Couple of destiny?

Sagittarius but should review what is the theme of health, this at a time of many decisions and changes required. This is likely a bit depressed about what is happening, but always natural optimism leads him to continue his life.

Capricorn is in a difficult spot, perhaps overloaded power or situations that lead to having to deal with situations of great responsibility. It's a great time to professional or business success, and also in the area of ​​the couple.

Aquarius is very surrounded as always of friends who help or encourage it, have clear objectives, and also need to feel independent.

Pisces not only feels as lonely and misunderstood, as is traditional, but also as if they find the course, do not worry, this will be for a few days, and come out of this.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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