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01 de Diciembre, 2012    General

Alignment of planets on the pyramids 12/03/2012

I emphasize that I found this in a web page, via an email, and I want to just add the astrological situation the day 12/03/2012, and have a few aspects. On this day we find on the pyramids of Egypt perfectly aligned planets Saturn, Venus, and Mercury, before dawn that day, more or less at 4 or 5 am, and this happens every 2737 years, but for dawn this situation only every 13,685 years. Moreover, if we see that on 12.03.2012 is 18 days before the 21/12/2012, multiply 18 by 24 hours = 432, now if we multiply 432 by 60 minutes = is 25,920, the equivalent of the time it takes the preseción land on the equinoxes in years.
The three planets are in the 12th house in Scorpio, so the need to change the spiritual, material, psychological, emotional, mental, and construction of humanity, will be the most important for the new cycle is about of 25,920 years , that will make the change is complete, difficult, and strictly spiritual, given the connotation of the 12th house. It is said that the processes of Saturn from house 1 to 12, is the evolutionary time mark for people as they are in the chart, to be Saturn in the 12th house, may be showing in the next cycle set this evolutionary plan for humanity, and those who did not achieve another evolutionary process began, for thousands of years. Another interesting thing about this day is that the Sun is in perfect opposition to Jupiter, from the rising to the 7th house, so the expansion of large-scale events will be, even if on this day not see anything particular or significant events , so we must be attentive to the events overall global situation these days, but nothing happens on 21/12/2012. But mark the fate of what is coming. Pluto and Mars are in the 2nd house, the money and resources, in good aspect with Saturn and Venus and Uranus inharmonious, first international politics can not continue to act in this new cycle with the current values ​​of a deep political and economic power, will be changed by the joint force of necessity of the situation of the planet, its resources, and spiritual values ​​marked by the planets in the 12th house, not before having reached a major humanitarian crisis or humanity, generated by Uranus, especially the area of ​​technology, which may be the major factor imbalance events and weather events, earthquakes, volcanic activity, explosions of any kind, or misdirected failed experiments, large mobilizations of people in protest or reaction to world governments, etc.. Neptune is square to the nodes, so the sea water on the planet and also played a leading role in driving the overall world situation, as I have been saying so far, since Neptune entered Pisces, which was to mobilize large amounts of water during this period, and it has been doing, with all kinds of high winds, heavy rains and associated flooding everywhere on the planet, may also indicate that there will be many dark forces that act strongly on failure of truth, and spiritual uplift, with all kinds of deception, false prophets, people spiritually false, misleading and totally political, with incredible proposals, but only having a direction opposite to the spiritual evolution of the human race. The Moon is in the 9th house in inharmonious with Saturn, so there will be major mobilizations of people in the spiritual realm, and this will be the key lighthouse in the human race, but at the cost of great suffering mass, and the total change political leaders, they will have to change their attitude by spiritual values.
Ricardo M. Zani astrologer


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The fact is beyond imagination! Who can imagines it…
Moon circumference 10921 km* 86400 seconds = 943.574 m km (Earth orbital circumference)
This tells us,
If The Earth Turns Around The Sun In One Day, The Moon Circumference Will Be A Distance For 1 Second!!!
Pure imagination, 365.25 days will be just 1 day!
But the Earth couldn't do that easily because she has to use the Moon orbit in her motion around the sun…
If the Earth rotates around the sun in 1 day even, she has to turn around her axis 365.25 times in this same day, because she walks on the distance depending on the moon orbit as her vehicle…
So the rotation daily will be part of the Orbital Cycle regardless any period.
Now we have another shock!
If there Earth rotates around her axis one time it will be one day for us regardless its real time!
Let's summary that clearly
-If the Earth rotates around the sun in one day only, she has to rotates around her axis 365.25 times in this same day because she uses the Moon orbit as her Vehicle and has to turn this orbit 360 degrees to perform 2.58 mkm of the distance, and to complete her orbit distance 940 mkm she needs these 365.25 times.
-And when the Earth turns 360 degrees around her axis that will be A Day for us regardless the true time of this day!
Ok, What all that tells us?
The solar day is 86400 seconds correct
Our day is 237 seconds (of the original time)!!
Two Times And Two Measurements!
Clearly, that tells us, there are 2 different times
1-The Sun Time
Which is 86400 seconds, and is clear
2-The Earth time
Which is 86400 seconds, but equals in fact 237 seconds of the solar day!
2 different times in the same solar group!
1 Day Of The Sun Time = 1 Year Of The Earth Time

Copernicus-Kepler Model Modification:
The Earth moves with light velocity relative to the sun
Gerges Francis Tawdrous +201022532292
publicado por Escriba aquí su nombre, el 02.12.2017 10:38
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