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13 de Febrero, 2013    General

Pisces Full Moon 25/02/2013

This Full Moon is between the Sun five houses, and the 11th house Moon, so creativity, expression, details, and the projects or goals are most important to this day. It is a day really complex and difficult to decipher, especially for planets that are transiting Pisces, versus or in opposition to the Moon, generating a large force of energy aspects. Pisces is to go through sensitivity and perception, and Virgo is going to reason and be logical and thorough understanding through life, so many planets in Pisces makes their qualities there are unusual, and are refurbished changed, or somehow influenced, to change their usual form of action. Pisces depth these days is unsurpassed, and takes all the beneficial qualities of the transits, Mars with its force of action, excitement, warmth, vitality and sexual strength; Venus adds love, gentleness, peace, refinement, ability in art, much social activity; Mercury intelligence, reasonableness, details, expression, communication, Neptune sensitivity, depth, imagination, intuition, perception, etc.. Jupiter is in inharmonious with the Moon, Neptune, the Sun, Venus, making many international relations, political and economic, are conflicting or difficult to do or concrete, so there may be manifestations of many people because of political problems. You can also have generated deep psychological problems, stress, liver problems, intestinal, circulatory problems with blood pressure, conflict situations or critical situations in relationships. can also come to light that some other time things could not see or hear himself, so the deep spiritual loneliness that is inside. Uranus and Pluto are still in inharmonious, and the houses are 4 and 7, so that conflicts of this area are those of society and the family in particular, so family tensions can be increased, and from the standpoint of international may mean governments fractures, or controversy, or large and serious opposition in the countries themselves, may indicate a social revolution that creates the possibility of change of control of any country.
For different signs:
Aries plans jointly with your spouse, partner perhaps unexpected situations, with family tensions.
Taurus is trying to want more control over their situation and environment. Very vivid memories of the past.
Gemini spiritual good time, possible long journey, achievements in sports or studies.
Cancer very good time social and economic achievements in business or at work.
Leo feels very capable and very hard to tackle new projects, friends help. Festivals.
Virgo feels he must order his life, be completely thorough with details and observations, feel very pressured by the situation.
Libra is like coming out of many situations, these days are a good time to connect more with people.
Scorpio plans money and its economic situation is stabilizing or normalizing, everything tends to be constant.
Sagittarius has good brother or family situations, meetings. Solutions to legal problems.
Capricorn feels at home is safer or protected, but there is a possibility of moving house or changes at home.
Their projects are financial Aquarium, and if you have children, you need to be more independent of them. Achievements of a child.
Pisces is at a unique or almost unique, with everything going for it, both spiritual, material, emotional and psychological.
Ricardo Zani astrologer
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