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14 de Febrero, 2013    General

Venus-Neptune conjunct 28/02/2013

This combination is in the 8th house, almost 9, in Pisces, in good aspect with Saturn and Pluto, Jupiter and inharmonious. In conjunction with the wheel of fortune. Venus is about love, feelings, social relations, art, music, singing, expression of feelings in all ranges, the beauty, the peace, the need to harmonize and connect, to unite , etc., here in conjunction with Neptune refinement becomes total, perception and intuition also, in which feelings are totally deep, sensitive, intuitive and refined. Where art takes its highest expression, and all who are associated with art, music, painting, sculpture, singing, theater, cinema, writers, architects, achieve things at other times can not achieve especially renowned. Both Venus and Neptune have to do with the spiritual, so those in the area of ​​meditation, mediumship, perception, clairvoyance, intuition, capturing astral astral healing, etc., will have its best achievement and improvement in this area and especially those who are in the area of ​​social or humanitarian aid. From a worldly point of view may mean unparalleled lovemaking, with the possibility of finding a partner with a depth of relationship, it is forever. From the social point of view will increase the high-society relations and contacts with famous people. It is also likely that some people jump to fame unknown, especially through film. For some from the spiritual point of view is like making contact with angelic beings or beings of light. From the standpoint of excess negative fantasies, illusions, extreme phobias, total disappointment, it is likely that many take to discover the deep spiritual and emotional loneliness, and bring them to do extreme things because of it, or do all sorts exposure of things to be taken out of that loneliness, on the other hand can produce very deep depressions, and for that reason turn to drugs and alcohol as an escape. Some take advantage of these days to do all kinds of spiritual and sexual aberrations. This is a good time to be seen by psychologists or therapists, or spiritual guides, for the seriousness of the days and the depth that can be reached. Many methods are used purificativos water. There may be some very significant events or some social and political level that can make itos in our current history.
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