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26 de Marzo, 2014    General

Particularly astrological Day 03/28/2014

Particularly astrological Day 28/03/2014

This particular day on a prediction of Joy Ayyad an Egyptian seer , she says this day the United States will fall or something will happen , and that this day will be an unprecedented change , either by the weather, attacks, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis , etc, for whatever reason will mark a change in many countries, including China , Russia, and others.

From the astrological point of view I wanted to analyze it and give my opinion , if it has something to do astrology , if it becomes an external element do not know, but I will give my opinion .

I analyzed the orario 6hs12 ' of New York , for a fact that gives an old prediction.

E Sol in Aries would almost conjunct Uranus , this could indicate a great need for freedom or release of internal energy, but with great strength or force , since everything is done in Aries combative, as are the 12th house may be by secret or hidden , perhaps for reasons resentments or revanchist tendencies . This is in conjunction with Uranus and Pluto inharmonious , increasing the crisis, both the global economy and international politics , causing the power wants to be expressed in full operation and coercion , ambition is extreme ( as it has been being for many months since it entered Jupiter square ) . You can be the downfall of an important leader or a powerful country , or those who have power in the world may be strongly affected by these situations that are out of hand . Saturn is in the 8th house , square to Venus , so death or a major character change is imminent, with major social obstacles . The Black Moon or Lilith is square to the Lunar Nodes , so very dark situations can be expected in these days , betrayals. plots and attacks of all kinds, the negativity of the dark beings be at ease. Squares that impose the Sun and Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto both can produce all kinds of inclement weather , strong winds , large mobilizations of water , floods, tsunamis , volcanic eruptions , earthquakes, etc. , have been saying that for quite a couple of years , and has been serving as a watch, if this day is just happens somewhat greater consequence than has previously been demonstrating . In this year we have worse days than this and you might generate more difficult situations , and we are already manifesting in a while these are crucial years , and that international politics, economics , and religions will be complicated , and even more , transformed , and in some cases destroyed or disarmed.

Contrary to all this are the Moon , Neptune , Mercury, kiron , and the wheel of fortune conjunct in the 12th house , giving the possibility that a lot of spiritual , astral, psychological energy is generated to solve deep problems , both psychological and spiritual , perhaps to compensate for all the negative that is manifesting here , so those who are on the spiritual path to receive an extra dowry whole situation , intuition, mediumship , perception, capturing the astral, astral travel , etc. .

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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