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30 de Marzo, 2014    General

Aries New Moon 03/30/2014

This new moon occurs in house 6 , almost 7, so work and health are the most important elements to consider. The situations become tense with a deep need to make changes or reverse the current situation by working secases , and legal and social problems. This Sun-Moon conjunct Uranus , makes the need for release becomes extreme , rebellion is higher, and sexual liberation also , many people have unusual attitudes in the area of ​​sex , will do things that at another time would not, or otherwise the situation may change a couple endpoints and family separations , or a temporary withdrawal, wear and the need for renewal of emotions and passions. Somehow many things that have been static , or bearing only the inertia action , tend to the required changes or renewal . Aries is acting without thinking , with strong convictions, here is added the need for change, and an emotion with deep conviction . The squares Jupiter and Pluto at this New Moon and Uranus , maybe they are generating conflicts at home , in the spiritual realm , in international politics, religions, secret societies , etc., also problems in earthquakes, hurricane winds , torrential rain , inclement weather , etc., are likely to be serious or scientific experiments that go wrong problems. Keep in conjunction with Mars in North Lunar Node , so many people find sexual partner destination , and meetings can be very durable , as the South Node is in the 7th house , is likely to be a partner in a previous life or a former partner , the harmonious aspect of Venus to the Lunar Nodes accentuated this tendency of loving contact . Mercury and Neptune are in Pisces, giving sensitivity , intuition and depth thoughts or reasoning , helping painters , singers , musicians , writers , actors and actresses , film , and theater. Probably actors, actresses or singers achieve great fame or popularity.

For the different signs :

Aries is the focus of the changes or the maximum stress , strong emotions and the will to live of all, may lead to experiencing things without considering the consequences or limits , can you make changes to the routine of the couple or changes partner.

Taurus is relieved of his past, but the need to stop the presses routine , good time to travel or contact with foreign countries.

Gemini good time for students and teachers , and those in the spiritual area , short and long trips.

Cancer may have important accomplishments in the profession , but under stress, many gains and many expenses .

Leo is probably not see clear destination, but continues with his usual action is likely to lean on friends to proceed.

Virgo is as out of situations but the positive aspects of various planets help you along on their journey , and be stable.

Libra lucky good time , and to find a partner that fully meets , and join you in your life. Social success.

Scorpio economic stability on the one hand , and material improvement. On the other sense of loneliness or little connection with others.

Sagittarius possibility of short and long trips , good time for students.

Capricorn the focus is on the family and the home itself , forced changes or situations that accompany them. He feels they can not control their situation.

Aquarius situations with older or more people, maybe love target , or renewal in the love area . Love the children or the children if you have them . Fiestas .

Pisces good working time , profession, improvement in general, good intuition and perception, balance in general.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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