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02 de Diciembre, 2013    General

New Moon Sagittarius 12/03/2013

This New Moon in Sagittarius is in house 3 , associated with everything related to learning, memory , understanding , studies , and everything referred to the Law as written , things to sign , writings , books, and everything related with typing or writing, etc. . It's a great time for writers, and all those they serve as mediators , to make exchanges, or reach agreements. Countries have in these days good time for mediation or exchanges , especially in culture and science. Large projects can be developed in these days , where the reasoning , emotion and wisdom are expanding.

For different signs ;

Aries stresses can affect your health, and love relationships , however there may be significant changes in you, your partner or your relationship with the social. Situations with relatives.

Taurus is coming to a great clarity about his past and make the changes you need . Ability to travel , achievements in studies , spiritual experiences.

Geminis good time to travel , especially for those working in the area of ​​international sales and trade conferences. Good time to the business and the profession.

Cancer projects can reach their maximum expression or expansion , achievements in social , sexual, and legal.

Leo the one hand it feels like everything is on track and all is moving , there are situations that are out of reach of handling, but soon the solution.

Virgo on the one hand it feels like out or want to get away from everything, but the situations lead him to action , with lucky breaks . Chance of intense or passionate relationships.

Libra great social , cultural moment, with great changes in every way, especially in the material or economic shocks of great luck and success .

Scorpio continue with the winds in his favor, good time for all things related to the mental , studies , economic conditions , new mental and social structures, but beware the deceptions and betrayals.

Sagittarius good time to changes in the mental, social , legal, and situations with siblings and relatives. Good time for students, and opportunities for short and long trips .

Capricorn good time to strengthen love relationships and make changes in its cystic or static optical narrow situations lead them strong and deep relationships , removing them from the everyday and inertia.

Aquarius good time for finances , personal achievements and children , good time for those who work with children , parties and entertainment.

Pisces good working time , and to become independent , both occupationally and socially. Good social and cultural relations , with odds of a deep love and passion in the couple.

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer


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