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17 de Marzo, 2018    General

New Moon of Pisces 17-3-2018

This New Moon of Pisces, is quite intense, it is produced in the 11th house, the house of the goals or objectives, so it is probable that it tends to make important changes, new objectives or renovation of the same ones, important achievements, either made by own will, or imposed by the environment. This Sun - Moon is square to Mars, making it possible to live intense situations, much aggressiveness, many tensions, fights, cuts or end of relationships, rejections, controversies, very marked opposites, headaches, fevers, liver inflammations, poisonings ,etc. On the other hand are Mercury and Venus in conjunction, this makes the feelings and the rational mind in communion, beneficially influencing artists, writers, architects, musicians, doctors, etc. This conjunction of Mercury - Venus is in square with Pluto, Lilith and Saturn, it can mean a lot of mental and emotional tension, difficult problems or situations to solve, lies, deceptions, betrayals of all kinds, some people will get the chain completely, with acts of total irrationality and coldness; There may be tendency to loneliness, depression, phobias, nervous system problems, etc. For its part Jupiter is in positive aspects to the Sun, the Moon, and Pluto, this may indicate that for some people there is social expansion, an increase in the conscious management of contact with people in a massive way, many people will benefit from commercial expansion, especially those in foreign trade, or the massive sale of products, can also arise a person with much leadership in international trade and politics, large-scale achievements of financial entities; It can mean fame for some.

I advise reading the influences of Mars in these months.

For the different signs:

Aries on the one hand mental and emotional creativity is increased, the logic with the feelings, gives them creativity, intelligence, psychological depth, strength in memory, ability to study, etc. On the other hand tensions of all kinds.

Taurus a little more active, and with internal strength to act, or do, a little more stable, a lot of strength of conviction in their goals, with material achievements, material stability, the wheel of fortune accompanies them.

Gemini the tensions are moving away a little, possibility of important achievements of money, stability in general, a lot of creativity, good time for the students.

Cancer many tensions, or legal problems, family situations, perhaps some positive change, new goals or new direction to take, obstacles in travel or travel. For some restart of study activities, or new study goals.

Leo stability in your goals, very attached to the family or your home, perhaps plans to have a new home or house. They may be initiating or maintaining a secret relationship, or secret creative activities, studies or secret analysis.

Virgo this new Moon can drive them to make intense changes, situations are very critical, or with a lot of pressure, the greatest tension can have mothers with their children. However, they can have social, cultural, and achievements in the family and the couple, achievements together with the couple.

Libra many tensions, tensions due to labor issues, tensions of a health nature, the need to make profound changes internally, and in love and social relationships, it is recommended not to travel or go abroad, or to travel wait a long term result, in the same studies subject, it is good not to make significant changes.

Scorpio good social moment, achievements in contact with people, good time in the area of the couple, very good magnetism, sense of power or that things can be reached and managed at will. Expansion of goals or objectives.

Sagittarius Tensions are loosening, this new Moon can push them to have more or better awareness of what they are living, and have a better management of situations, a moment of change by own ability or will, in a positive way.

Capricorn now enters Mars in his sign, giving much intensity and inner strength, much sexappeal, but with conflicts or complications in the subject couple and family. Maybe travel possibilities, or making new projects associated with travel or abroad. Achievements in studies, achievements for teachers. Ruptures of romantic relationships, or family breakups. Tendency to betray or to see things in a very negative way.

Aquarius are like in the middle of situations, they see everything happen, they are solving old problems or mistakes, especially in the area of finance, profession, trade, work, stability and important achievements.

Pisces are clarifying their goals or are rearranging them, family situations and emotional relationships, can influence decisions, unexpected changes, breakdowns, antagonisms in relationships with others.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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