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31 de Marzo, 2018    General

Full Moon of Aries 31-03-2018

This Full Moon of Aries is full of tensions, complex situations, conflicts, etc. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury, this usually gives a greater mental strength, greater concentration, more rationality, improves memory, greater willpower to do things or start things, due to the fact that it is in Aries. The Moon is in Libra, in the house 6, this makes the emotions are refined, and wanting to relate to others, a lot of work. Saturn is in conjunction with Mars and Lilith or Black Moon, tend to be or act constructively, with much rectitude, dogmatism, realism, but very strict or rigid in acting and thinking. This conjunction can be useful for bankers or financiers, or those who are in the area of financial speculation, and politicians, who require a habitual harshness and crudeness in their decisions; Lilith makes this conjunction is accompanied by a deep negativity, making that is knowingly gestating, a very negative international political situation, with major international conflicts, since it is in the 9th house, it can also mean that one or several institutions religious or churches, are going through a very serious or deep conflict, which may be causing a break or division, in institutions, or is determining the future death of their leader, as it may be meaning the death of some important political leaders. Saturn, Mars and Lilith, are inharmonic with the Sun and the Moon, making situations that are gestating or happening affect many people in a massive way, it can also be that some earthquakes or earthquakes are of a great magnitude and in many places on the planet. The particular thing is that the lunar nodes are in good aspect to the Sun and the Moon, giving the possibility of being able to have significant achievements, achieve objectives above all, whether family, social, professional, or trade. Something is arming religions and world governments, the powerful of money, that ordinary people do not know, and we will see reflected in the short term.I recommend reading in my blog "Influences of Mars in these months", which tells in a simple way the influences of Mars that will be very significant.

For the different signs:

Aries the rational strength of Mercury will help you solve difficult situations that may be happening, a lot of intelligence, creativity, mental brilliance, internal strength. There may be internal and external conflicts, problems with studies, travel, conflicts of couple or relatives.

Taurus continue with a lot of internal strength, a little more optimistic, more determined, and active. External situations do not disturb them. They are recovering from old afflictions.

Gemini with less tensions, can have important achievements of money or improvement in the material area. They may feel that the goals are achievable, with greater security than a time ago.

Cancer the situation is somewhat complicated, complex, and not easy to solve, problems in the legal, social, family, and travel problems. Soon Venus and Jupiter will give them a social and economic improvement, a better overall stability.

Leo very good time to project your goals or goals, good family time, a better order of their lives, for some a new home or family.

Virgo for now situations with children, those who have them, are a little more in peace or in armornía, are a little more focused on their own goals, and creative ability.

Libra work and health situations may be in conflict, or in trouble, it is not advisable to travel, especially to another country. Many tensions due to external situations.

Scorpio the problems can be or be in the others, good social moment, and good time in the area of the couple, the wheel of fortune accompanies them. For some marriage proposals, but with many complications.

Sagittarius these situations do not affect them so much, they feel a moment of greater concentration in themselves, more control or self control.

Capricorn are in the eye of the storm, on the one hand very rigid and constructive, with great strength and determination, with much internal power to face life. On the other hand much conflict or with the family, the social, or very complex and complicated situations. Beware of betrayals.

Aquarius may be achieving much desired things from the past, social achievements, in the profession, work, or business.

Pisces the winds and the tides are on your side, a time of tranquility to see what things can be done or resolved, or new things to project and achieve. Maybe the couple helps in the plans, or new proposals of a couple.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer 

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