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09 de Abril, 2012    General

Moon-North Node conjunct 10/04/2012

When the Moon coincides with its own traffic Lunar Node is like being in the area of ​​our projects, and that is when one can point to far or near objectives or personal goals, is to be closer to what you want, and emotions are full, sometimes the goals are clear or more possible, or otherwise appear new goals or new directions to follow.a few days ago I talked about a situation that is occurring on Mars in opposition to Neptune, square to the Moon's Nodes and also Venus is conjunct the South Node, square to both planets, with a square cross.

This astrological situation is quite complex, can lead to endless conflict situations, emotional, sexual, social or other.

May be the case that relationships end, for infidelity, or because they found a new one.

May be the case that gets deep disappointment, ending with psychological depression, and even suicidal.

You can go to extremes or extreme situations. You can be the case that external situations to lead one to those states.

It also may be the case that is with a partner who was his partner in a previous life, but can not realize the union by the current situation.

These positions also helped with other squares like those of Uranus and Pluto-Saturn-Sun opposition may indicate possibility of earthquakes, strong winds, big demonstrations of water either as flooding or tidal waves, landslides, volcanic eruptions, etc. .

From the social point of view, can produce a social crash with large mobilizations of people, it can also be the case to a government or country, or death of a ruler or president.

Unfortunately, this situation is marked by Mars and the Moon transits through to the end of May, when you leave the opposition of Neptune and leave the square to the nodes. We will have to beware of treachery, deceit and fraud. Infectious diseases and viral infections are very common, because the immune system is very vulnerable.

So we will be vigilant every 7 days and a half is when critical situations are in full swing.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

For tasting native to zanimiguel9 @ gmail. Com
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I love perusing your internet site. Thanks a ton!
publicado por Magliette Atletico Madrid, el 22.05.2018 11:48
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