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02 de Abril, 2012    General

Moon-Mars conjunction 04/03/2012

I will talk about this particular day, on this moon conjunction with Mars, because they are in opposition to Neptune and Chiron, and square to Venus, and its square to see the nodes (the squares are negative). The Moon-Mars conjunction is in the house 10 and Virgo, often makes the emotions or feelings are mixed with sexuality, the action is increased, or emotion strength of action in the house 10 may mean that the economy is increased or further action by the increase or
social mobilization. The house 10 has to do with the success and politics, here it is in conjunction with the Lunar Nodes square and Venus making it a social event can produce very critical, as the stock market crash, the economic crisis in many countries , international political crisis, the fall of another political leader or economist, the death of another famous artist, the separation of a royal or abdication of a chief, or saw the fall of any international bank or multinational company. The opposition with Neptune and Chiron can produce great betrayal, deceit and all financial, political treachery, fraud, etc.. This day must be taken into account for any activity undertaken, and is convenient if someone wants to start something here, leave it for another day, be a little more positive.Should be checked very well this day, before and after to see what the situation is brewing.
Saturn is in addition to Mercury and Venus Quinscuns, making it much more unmanageable emotional situations, and mental, if you are like very stresado, nervous crisis with your partner and your work, you now know that these situations are astrological. Besides the Sun and Uranus square Pluto are doing that tensions are much greater. All point to a point of much unconscious, so we have to avoid drugs and excessive alcohol because they can bring or cause serious misfortunes. There may be strong earthquakes and tsunamis, with strong winds. Also demonstrations of heavy rain or water. Accidents of all kinds, and even some experiment that can go wrong. Women avoid becoming

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