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21 de Mayo, 2012    General

Mercury conjunct Jupiter 05/22/2012

This combination occurs in 11th house in Taurus. Mercury the mind, the rational consent, in Taurus mind is made more concrete, more associated with the matter, to want stability and safety in everything that surrounds it, the stability of Mercury in Taurus is wanting to possess the things, and retain for security of having, or the need to feel more secure, also to be more specific is more practical and less theoretical. Jupiter in Taurus is expansive material, tends to give the opportunity to realize all those things that at other times are not met, or the feeling that you can achieve all, or that anything is possible. Mercury makes the mind give you the strength you need to Jupiter to reach more clearly the goals or targets that have been projected on the one hand Mercury is to the details, on the other Jupiter is to see things in bulk or expansive, or large, so here's the details come together with the mass, thus leading to large scale projects with the details required to be executed. Major projects planned or will be activated, or it's time to make them concrete. It's special for all those studying in schools both primary, secondary, and tertiary to more specific objectives, and for those working on practical things or have studies that deal with the practical. It is also especially to those in the construction area, engineers, architects, mechanical, etc.. Also for people with all kinds of activities in the field, such as animal husbandry, planting and harvesting of plants.Also for all mining activities. In the case of spiritual terms, is special to make profound studies in this area, and implement humanitarian aid, as opposed to practicing the typical purchase of Taurus. Here is where the mind is really deep and concrete, giving those in the area of ​​research and science, the ability to make real his theories.
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