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26 de Mayo, 2012    General

Sun-Mercury conjunction 5/27/2012

This combination occurs in Gemini, in the house 10 (the Midheaven), in conjunction with the Alcyon, the South Node of the Moon, in inharmonious aspect with Mars, Neptune, and Pluto.Mercury on the Mind, the rational, the detail, Gemini becomes more marked all his rational and research potential, and in conjunction with the Sun, the self and mind are mixed up or confused, do one, making the thoughts are very strong, more clear and deep. Being in touch with the South Node can be kept under review or remembering things past, and even past lives, or else you are trying to accomplish things that take as long goals. It can be also being finalized or sawing a life cycle, or are planning things that were missed in the previous life. This combination of Alcyon makes the higher mind being operated upon all mankind, giving the opportunity to enhance all types of area related to the spiritual, humanitarian, social, and international politics through the house 10. The fact that the conjunction is in the house 10, and in bad aspect to Mars, Neptune and Pluto, it may be that international politics is in crisis, or a particular political situation will suffer for this astrological, and the economy as well. is likely that if a politician takes office or rule, or the rise of an economist, you may do so fatal to those who lead or have the responsibility as a country or situation. You can be the end of a reign or office, or the fall of banks or financial institutions, and the stock market crash. The breakdown of long-standing companies. I recommend in these days does not make or install large companies because they tend to fail, or even schedule things for days. The next day the Moon will conjunct Mars from Virgo, in dissonant aspect with the Sun-Mercury conjunction, increasing the crisis and the situation, especially from the social, sexual and general. This situation may generate stress, nervous tension in excess, nervous system problems, intestinal problems, psychological problems, depression, moodiness, irritability, excessive anxiety, excessive curiosity, suicidality, and manifestations of insanity, and trends occur crimes or attacks of all kinds can also cause heart attacks, circulatory problems, dizziness, etc.. Explosions of all kinds, tremors or earthquakes will continue adding to those already taking place, plus heavy seas, intermittent rain, floods.
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