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21 de Julio, 2013    General

Mars - Jupiter conjunct 07/22/2013

This occurs in conjunction mime full moon day, but at different times. It is in the 11th house, the objectives or goals to make or project, in conjunction also with Lilith and Black Moon and Mercury also beside them. Both planets are in force and action, and male character in a feminine sign and social, so much action is expected strength, and reaction in every way, both sexual, social, family, the human, the deep instinctive carnal, as it can make you release that part of Jupiter which is the antithesis of spirituality, along with strength and sexual energy of Mars. It is excellent for those who are in the area of ​​sports or action in some way, whether those who are martial arts fighting competition in general or in particular, the extreme sports of all kinds, increasing the need adrenaline, Mars does not measure the consequences, so this astrological influence can lead many to do all kinds of activities or extreme situations. In astrology it is said that when both are conjunct can generate wars or violent situations this cause, disharmonious positions of Uranus and Pluto indicate that a situation of large-scale armed conflict may be happening, with bombs or armed combat operations since which has to do with energy as Pluto (nuclear energy), Uranus pure energy (lightning), Mars force energy and action. Furthermore conjunction with Black Moon Lilith or makes it more negative, difficult and complex, where the dark acts and betrayal is at its best, Cancer somewhat mitigates the negative of this situation, although there are factors that help this day the positives and negatives of this whole situation. If they were human errors, however great mobilizations of water, such as tsunamis, floods, intermittent rain, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, high winds, a broken land, etc., can occur. Days before and after, during this conjunction. All situations generated whether human or ground floor, will cause changes in international politics and the global economy, and religions.

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                                       WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE, NOT LIVE

                                       WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING, NOT EXIST

                                       WITHOUT LOVE, I AM

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