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15 de Agosto, 2012    General

Mars conjunct Saturn 08/15/2012

This combination occurs in Libra on the ascendant in good aspect to the Sun, and Neptune, and inharmonious with the Moon. This combination makes the situations are very rigid, strict, highly structured, Saturn is cold and dogmatic, constant and calculating, Mars is passionate, very hot, dynamic, and uses the force of action. Both make the fate of a judge with much force, imparting full justice with severity. It has to do with the build or assemble things you have to take very strong action, and take a long time to be armed, mixed with the force of reason and justice, breaking with full severity or adjusting what needs to be adjusted. Libra is softened a bit, but the need for justice is wide, encompassing the social scale, and the couple in particular. Sex is limited to reason and speculation of Saturn, seeing the consequences of what is done in the misuse of sex, or karmic payment for work already accomplished. Being in good aspect to the Sun and Neptune, international politics is seen as more stable, or a tendency to want to stabilize, or take a more constructive direction, is likely to emerge a new political regime, or countries to change their political direction , or that any new political or king, emerges with new ideas or political and economic actions. May also be the emergence of a new economic leader or a multinational company that can work on a large scale. The dissonant aspect of the Moon can make a woman who is in office politics or leave your reign. You can be the discrediting of a noblewoman or high society. Also major international conflicts arising between countries, and internal conflicts are not political integration of the pueblo.Urano, Venus and Pluto, which are inharmonious aspects, reaffirm these concepts of social crisis, or that somehow the general dissatisfaction , continues to produce demonstrations against, and the need to act more freely in all areas of life. These days as more intelligence can be enabled, and scientists can be more inspired to solve complex problems, and reach unimaginable goals and extraordinary discoveries. There will be very careful of the bones, especially of the spine, and may have a lower body's defenses, with sharp increases in body temperature, headaches, and actions are constrained by time, also the small and pancreas may affect these positions astrologies. The strong tremors or earthquakes, as well as strong winds and large mobilizations of water will continue to occur. Many thunderstorms.

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