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16 de Agosto, 2012    General

08/17/2012 Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon occurs on the 8 th house, in opposition to Neptune, and the good aspect of Saturn and Mars. The possibility of changes that can produce this new moon are quite profound, as the house 8 of the changes and the inner power, take very strong action, everything about yourself, how to face life, and the express the personal self, how to conduct the action to the world, is an excellent time to take advantage. It's a very good time for politicians and politics in general, may ascend to command a character who can generate large changes in international politics, or an economist or financier can achieve great power in the international economy, can also be a company to reach great international domain. It can be an excellent time to resolve legal issues. Also to start making or continuing in the area of ​​higher education, to continue studying and achieving professions, especially associated with the construction, architecture, medicine, politics, and all those professions that are related to social relationships. Science is also well affected by these current situations. Trade with animals, and everything related to the field as well. Although we are Pluto, Uranus and Venus are in evil aspect softened by all other aspects harmonics. But can happen in large mobilizations of people protest, rebellion governments and current economic situations, can cause tremors or volcanic eruptions, windstorms, large mobilizations of water, floods, winds with many electric shocks. We will have to take care of the heart and blood pressure. You can be the death of a president or president or political importance.

For the different signs:

Aries may pair the situation is at risk, or an unusual situation to take you to find another partner, and make a change. However both Jupiter and Mercury's can help achieve goals n at other times seemed unattainable, and solve legal problems, or receive an inheritance. Ability to walk well in the area of ​​work.

Taurus may be situations with children and families in general are so overwhelming, and have to give them much attention, has to take care of your nerves, or leave a little obsessions.

Gemini rail walks like gold, Jupiter will support this by turning on all the roads, and the possibility of expanding their horizons, make long trips, expand their resources of money, labor or professional activity, and solve legal problems. Maybe new labor contracts. Possibility of new love. Many social activity.

Cancer is a situation that is not the direction, and situations where the couple and the family may be hindering their actions. Try to be patient with your partner, it can lead to separatist tendencies.

Leo is in a prime location of change and personal power, perhaps a proposal for ascension work or improve their income, or achieve goals that were postponed, or thought to be unattainable. Achievements in the studies, and legal solutions.

Virgo is as relaxation, with opportunities to travel, who can reform a little, and change the monotony that is enveloping. However warning remains activated to maintain control.

Libra is at the apex of the positive moments, to achieve goals of all kinds, both in the profession, and socially, can reach the expected success, and expand their horizons. Popularity is likely to be higher and some achieve fame, or have a job driving people, or management. There is also the possibility of long journeys, and accomplishments in sport.

Scorpio keeps its clear objectives, and is likely to help friends in their objectives. In the professional has the doors open.

Sagittarius is in a moment of introspection or self-seeking, or want to find those spiritual values, and solve their internal problems. However, it has a lot of strength to continue with his life, wheel of fortune goes with them.

Capricorn is like in the middle of a rodeo bull, tight everywhere, despite the stress you feel you have strength to fight whatever comes.

Aquarius is like watching others go through a lot, and continues to operate independently and alone, you may have money achievements, and independence of a situation that has been adjusted. You may have to help their brothers if any.

Pisces feels like a lot of pressure and energy overloaded or experiences of all kinds, whether social, economic, legal, education, etc.. It has a great intuition and clarity. There may be a love relationship, but under pressure situations, whether economic or family.

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