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26 de Noviembre, 2012    General

Mars conjunct Pluto 11/27/2012

This conjunction occurs in the 6th house in Capricorn, in good aspect with Neptune, Venus, and Saturn, and dissonant aspect with Uranus. The two planets are the rulers of Scorpio, so in conjunction give a form of energy similar to the qualities of Scorpio, but enhanced. Both generate the feeling of having or wanting to, wanting to handle all things with conviction, with full strength and action, Mars Pluto gives the action force and conviction, and Pluto adds the ability to let you manage things , and the force to control or manage the crowds. Both have to do with sexual power, the connotation of energy, so it can be felt at all sexual, and you can not have limits in this area (of course the body has its limits, it is only from the point of view of feeling) and which has an internal security unusual to address situations in other times is not taken, this also applied in traditional life, may indicate that you have a lot more strength and conviction to face things social, business, political, economic, labor, etc. It is quite important to this conjunction, it happens before the end of the year, to give us strength and conviction in neutral face our future operating and safely. In Capricorn becomes more serious, steady, responsible, computer, construction, speculative or cautious, where things can be addressed with more safety and stability. The positive aspect of Saturn and Venus, give more strength and stability, giving those in the area of ​​trade policy and large scale incredible possibilities of growth, expansion, structure, and management of the social and economic situation in general may also be the case that many countries are associated to a different structure or more structured and more compact than existing. Can the emergence of new banks or financial institutions. It may also be the case of the rise of a new political leader, president, king, or economic statesman, or a new raise of action in international politics. From a personal standpoint, many possibilities to regularize labor activity, and improve sexual and romantic relationships, and stabilize the situation in the home and family. The possibility of having new children, who are very powerful and constructive beings first, but exceeded ambition and power. The ability or ambitions materialize things is the watchword these days. The positive aspect of Neptune adds insight, depth perception, making this combination can be even higher than what it is. The downside of Uranus makes it possible to act rebelliously and irrationality, irritability or little patience can create all sorts of military actions, or conflicts between countries, especially can be produced by the impatience of dependence, or excess operating whether economic or political. From a personal standpoint, irritability in couples or in relation to others, little patience with weaker or less capable. Trend to oppression or coercion, extortion or inhumane acts have at end; may be the case that scientific discoveries are used in mass destruction, or management or general social consciousness. They may tend to the plots and attacks of all kinds. Also huge earthquakes or major volcanic eruptions, windstorms, inclement weather of all kinds. Scientific experiments also fail and produce serious problems overall.

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