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02 de Octubre, 2012    General

Mars conjunct North Node, Moon-South Node conjunct, 10/04/2012

Mars conjunct North Lunar Node indicates that willpower, sexual energy, enthusiasm, or combative force fighting force, the requirement, coercion, operate all or nothing, will be the largest demonstration of these days. As the North Lunar Node is about the most important objectives of projected future Mars here adds willpower, and how this in Scorpio, sexuality becomes a great power in the area of ​​the decisions, so there will be a tendency to find pairs that are related to the area of ​​sexuality, or otherwise will tend to want to find a partner who is with the needs and requirements of each individual sex; Scorpio adds intrigue, depth, and intensity. The moon is on the opposite side of the South Node, indicating that you can find a couple associated with previous life, or an encounter with a partner who already was a partner in the past in this life, it may also be the end of a process where the couple and the beginning of another, or profound changes in the couple. Both Venus and Neptune are in bad aspect to Mars and the Moon, indicating that things can get very complicated in the area of ​​relationships, love may be disappointments, love and sexual betrayal, feelings of abandonment, loneliness, etc.. It may be the case that by reaching a crisis couple looking for another store dramatically, or connotations of betrayal or dual relationships. These days will tend to double relations, bigamy, and deceptions of all kinds. There may be situations that can become violent extremes of violence. The same is projected at the political level, the manipulations and general actions are tainted by betrayal and deception. It may also be involved in financial scams attitudes, so we have to check very well the financial contacts between companies, and review what is signed. The Sun is in inharmonious aspect with Mars and Uranus, so politics can have a major brake on relationships, or situations of some countries make it all has to be postponed, not to reach real solutions or concrete, or otherwise society in some countries will not accept forms are imposing them, so there will be mass protests or continue. These days can be crucial for many countries, and even in terms of defining the politicians who govern, and the regimes that govern .. From the point of view of climate nothing good can be expected to continue the effects of major winds, such as those that have been happening, problems continued pressures by earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, large mobilizations of water, storm, flood, etc..

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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