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14 de Marzo, 2018    General

Mars and its astrological action in these months

I have wanted to make these astrological comments for the great influence that it is generating, and will continue to generate in these coming days, and the following months. Their influence in every sense is greatly noticeable, especially in a very negative way, although many people do not affect them very strongly or directly, they may be making an influence in some area of our lives, or an external influence, things that we can not handle but that can affect us. Mars has to do with the force of action, sexuality, the head, energy, acting without thinking, acting by pure conviction and without fear, does not accept reasoning, is to influence the states of strong passion, is combative and fighter , fight war, head, blood, sexual organs, etc.Since the beginning of February Mars has been square with Neptune, which is capable of producing psychological problems, excess of imagination, especially in the sexual area, problems with infections and viruses, problems due to intoxication due to drugs, alcohol, excesses of food, or toxins that exist in places where you live, circulatory problems, venous problems, acts of true unconsciousness, sexual harassment and violence, increase in sexual blocks, frustrations of all kinds, etc. Days later the transit of the Sun, Venus and Mercury on Neptune in Pisces was added, further aggravating the astrological situation, and increasing the states of unconsciousness, imprudence, acts of violence in every way, fears, lies, deceptions, betrayals, relationships doubles, indiscriminate sex, falsehood, scams, etc.On March 17 Mars enters Capricorn, and continues in quadrature with the Sun, although the influence of Capricorn makes Mars act a little more cold and calculating, a little more cautious, its influence will not stop acting in a negative way. As of March 19, 2018, it enters into conjunction with Saturn, in Capricorn, which can in some way curb the impulsive and irrational action of Mars, making it more strict and stronger in its actions, more dogmatic and constructive. But the squaring of the Sun may be indicating a destructive character, issues associated with power, especially in the political and economic, since Saturn rules the bankers and world leaders. It can cause the stock market to fall, serious financial problems, commercial and banking or financial entities that reach a very deep crisis, internal defeats, break in every sense, falls, massive destructions, etc. This would be until 12-4-2018. But from that day Mars begins to be in conjunction with Lilith or Black Moon, and Pluto, and as it gets closer to Pluto increases the square with Uranus, which becomes effective from day 24-4-2018. This astrological situation can produce all kinds of warlike actions, explorations, and of the greatest, really critical situations in every sense, social revolts, massive social protests by the attack on existing policies and politicians, extreme reverence, large earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, breaking of the earth, etc; how the planets that have to do with the force and the explosion "Mars", the nuclear energy "Pluto", "Lilith" and its profoundly dark or negative side, and the liberating and electric energy of "Uranus" come together in negative aspects , it is to be expected a deep liberation of energies either produced by human beings, or by telluric action of the earth. In short, it can produce very significant changes to the human race as a whole, and whether individually or massively, its influence will be felt. This will continue until until 2-5-2018, when Pluto and Lilith leave the square with Uranus that days later enters Taurus, thus relieving a little bit all the tension generated by these squares. But Mars continues to square Uranus, and will be until 8-10-2018, releasing a lot of destructive energy, a lot of violence, and difficult situations to handle. In the movement of both, Jupiter is added temporarily, and then Venus, aggravating situations. There is a particular day, days before and days after, on 09-29-2018, where Mars, Lilith, and the South Lunar Node, in a square to Venus and Uranus, would be in conjunction, which must be taken into account. Many mistakes of the past can resurface and be exposed, as well as much accumulated negative energy is released, a massive influence of dark forces, zero love, which can do incalculable damage.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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