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14 de Marzo, 2018    General

Speaking of Pope Francis ...

The birth chart of Pope Francis has a very complex birth chart, and a very particular thing is happening, one of which is that he has an opposition, "in his birth day," to Saturn in opposition to Neptune, and both in square to the Lunar Nodes, this can mean a deep loneliness, insecurity, deep fears, poverty, sense of abandonment, phobias, etc., and Neptune is currently approaching in transit to the natal Saturn, and in opposition to the natal Neptune, this means that that internal tendency is going to fulfill a cycle, and it is going to mark a significant change in your life, or that tendency is finally fulfilled or you end up solving it internally. The squares and the oppositions of planets mean things to solve, problems to face, almost all people are born with things to solve, and he does not escape this situation, because he is a human being. Saturn has to do with righteousness, seriousness, perseverance, calculation, management, and in some way has to do with politics, because it rules world leaders, kings, rulers, etc; in his case it is like an act of internal renunciation of that kind of thing, because he has an image of internal abandonment of his family, especially his father. If someone had asked me if Francisco would ever be Papa, he would have said no, but it is the faithful reflection of his tenacity, perseverance and personal struggle, he has something in his favor that he has the natal Sun in conjunction with the Galactic Center, and the Midheaven in conjunction with Alcyone, which is the star our sun turns to, those two things have made it reach the place where it is now, it also has the Sun in conjunction with the North Lunar Node, so it has a lot of control and strength to achieve their goals and destiny, and as it has in the house 6 the work and service, all the qualities were given so that it could reach that status of Pope. The arrival of Neptune to the natal Saturn can mean reaching a deep solitude, or having to fight for suffering, it would fulfill a cycle of difficult situations, in which disappointment and disillusionment may be involved, perhaps because the church as an institution is not what he thought, and is involved in things he does not accept, it is evident that those who manage the power of the church is not just "the Pope". Another thing that someone made a comment to me and is quite right, is that the church should only meddle in the religious matters of making people believe in God the universal Father, and in Jesus the Kristo, the Divine Master, and not get into the political questions, "thing in which the church has been involved from ever", and has wanted to have power and influence over the whole world. This transit of Neptune over the natal Saturn, (which is in the house 8 of death and consciousness) may be indicating a final process of his life or action, either by mental problems (Alzheimer's or something similar), problems due to illness, problems due to poisoning, virus problems, and even abandonment, and the most critical would be death due to blood problems, coma, bleeding, slow death, etc. In short you will have a very profound change in this time. The squares of these days of Mars, Lilith, and Pluto with Uranus, occur between houses 7 and 9 almost 10, so it is to be expected that some critical or difficult situation is happening in these days, something that can make change of direction its action. On March 16, 2010, Neptune will be in perfect conjunction with the natal Saturn. Uranus on the other hand will complete a complete cycle this year, since he was born with a Uranus in Taurus, but will be in perfect conjunction with the native Uranus, on 14-4-2020, marking a very profound change in his life if he is still alive , and making an end of one cycle and the beginning of another.There is much more to say, maybe I'll do it later.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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