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26 de Mayo, 2014    General

Gemini New Moon 05/28/2014

 Gemini New Moon 05/28/201418hs40´

This New Moon is in the 7th house , that of social, cultural, art and relationships, so this will be the biggest trend in these days , it is likely that the influence of the prevailing economic situation and weather conditions or telluric , put in crisis love relationships or family , somehow generate important changes in relationships or relationships. Somehow society at large will have great changes. The support of Mars may provide unusual strength and optimism, with an increase of enthusiasm or sense of strength , politicians and economists may be influenced by this astrological situation. The negative aspects of Pluto , Uranus , Mars and Jupiter , intensify the international economic crisis , problems with the weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, large mobilizations of water , strong winds , heavy rain, etc. . The Sun and the Moon are in bad aspect with Neptune , this generates an excess of imagination , escapism from reality, phony , or instincts are intense but diffuse , the mind becomes misleading , so we have to beware of scams , betrayals, and not fall into the excesses of alcohol or drug use , as they can cause serious problems , whether physical , psychological , or others. The tendency to deception can be channeled in the couple or family . Venus continues Lunar Node conjunct the South , so you have to remember old relationships delinquent , or even the possibility of meeting someone who was a partner or love in the past , or find old skills about art, singing, dance, music etc, the Sun squaring Neptune makes you feel a sense of loneliness or not fully connected with others , or somehow can tend to want to withdraw from others , or wanting to lose contact with those not around , aggravated the tendency of separative and rebellion at this time generated by Uranus in bad aspect with other planets, so you have to analyze what you strongly feel for not taking decisions that then not be remedied , or that we accidently . Saturn is in the 12th house , so do not expect much in these days that is made specifically because here things tend to dilute , or unless specific , perhaps it can work are all those things that are made for others , such as payment of domestic debts , but you can not expect recognition for this, or any thing that is done, Saturn dilutes everything here on the 12th , then I recommend not to start major projects a positive response through time are wanted .

For different signs :
Aries is reviewing its deep emotions , and his relationships of the past, in contrast to the current, you probably need to review relations with their children, and their financial situation .
Taurus the social situation and the issue of family is most important , changes are imminent , should try to check your feelings and not idealize too , because it tends to disappointment . Good work and social time.
Gemini theme the couple or love theme to review, perhaps significant , likely wont cohabitation or marriage changes , but do not expect a good result.
Cancer Jupiter is giving them luck and expansion, but pressure or demand , entry of Mercury will give them greater mental brightness and reasoning.
Leo good time to travel , and for athletes , it's good for action, and spiritual activities. Insist eye with betrayals or deception .
Virgo professionally good time and labor , major achievements , despite situations.
Libra many tensions , many situations of sexual contact, and reordering their lives , important achievements of goals. Perhaps an important love.
Scorpio while the Ferris wheel is in this sign , with pasibilidades extra luck , Saturn tells them to rest, retrain , and not start anything new.
Sagittarius good time to achievement of money and solve economic problems , perhaps a relaxing trip.
Capricorn is likely that new methods of making money is raised , but it is likely that the results are not short term , it is probably a solution to the conflict.
Aquarius sometimes intelligence is heavily loaded and at other times is not where to go or what to do, a good time for students , writers , those in the area of research. Brothers marrying .
Pisces the need to shelter at home is strong, great intuition , and imagination , which can be used creatively , the theme of love is most important to check , maybe a disappointment or disillusionment , perhaps situations through an inheritance.
RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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