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11 de Junio, 2014    General

Gemini Full Moon 06/13/20

Gemini Full Moon 06/13/20

Gemini Full Moon 06/13/2014 4hs10 '

The sun is almost in the ascendant, and moon on the 7th house, so personal, the self is what is to be expressed more these days, in good time to do all kinds of physical, mental activities, and communication with others, must pay close attention to the body, and see to solve the problems we have, since the time is right, just to see our psychological problems, aberrations, locks, dualities, etc, to face hard and determining the most important objectives. The wheel of fortune is in the 7th house near the moon, so the marriage and family situations can flow well or in good standing, with positive results, and integration into the family. The social can also flow better, with expansion in mass communication. Furthermore, both are in good aspect to the Lunar Nodes, so the targets set in the pair can be achieved, and in contact with many people, or otherwise may be social expansion, or social success. Continue the negative aspects between Pluto, Uranus, Mars, and Jupiter, doing all kinds of inclement weather, earthquakes, high winds, large mobilizations of water, large floods, conflicts in the world economy, emotional coldness, in sexual excesses, scrupulous attitudes, actions without reasoning, brakes in all areas, all kinds of plots, attacks, explosions, volcanic eruptions, etc..

For different signs:

Aries Uranus encourages excess, gives creation, invention, action force, rebellion, creativity, but under stress, goals are riots.

Taurus feelings remains hidden or away from the other way, we probably do not want to openly express their feelings, perhaps relationship with someone who can not be expressed socially.

Gemini have enthusiasm and strength of determination, Mercury in the ascendant gives them intelligence and rational force.

Cancer for a good time to expand next economic resources, or find a job according to your requirements. Maybe short and long trips for business or commercial situations.

Leo's family situation can be pressing, or somehow wants to rule, is likely to come live in his house near relatives, or remaining dependent children of relatives.

Virgo the homely things are going, maybe some house party, or family reunion, bonding with the children, if any.

Libra good sex and good prospects of significant achievements magnetism, but under pressure. Not a good time to bring children into the earth.

Scorpio is likely to be with repressed emotions or rather coldly, perhaps tending to get away from others, and take refuge in their regular work.

Sagittarius good time for socializing, loving, cultural, artistic, etc.. The wheel of fortune accompanies.

Capricorn Pluto being required changes or reforms. Pressures are in all areas, but they are really able to overcome everything.

Aquarius good time to travel, to do sports, and act intensely important achievements professionally, and in the spiritual realm. Maybe travel for work.

Pisces Neptune is helping them to find their true self and discover your potential, but the issue has to be very realistic for your goals come true, but because water is ....

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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