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29 de Septiembre, 2016    General

Libra New Moon 30/09/2016

This New Moon Libra is much more positive than before, since it is accompanied by Jupiter, so knowledge, wisdom, kindness, expand of love, beauty, creativity in art, healing, beginning benign new projects, or expand of previous or current projects, is a good time to grow in knowledge, especially for researchers, scientists, architects, doctors, artists, travelers, foreign and domestic trade, etc. This triple combination is inharmonious with Mars, so it's probably people to channel their violence toward others, which has the tendency to fight or war often have this type of configuration, so governments or many people act with extreme violence, or mercilessly, with violations of all kinds, can be the beginning of some conflicts, there may be large explosions, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, high winds, massive shocks, etc. Venus is in good aspect to the lunar nodes, so that social projects can be expanded, romantic relationships are benefiting, projects partner or new feelings are benefited, so artists, singers, musicians, etc. . Venus is also near the Black Moon or Lilith, so we have to take care of betrayals or not to commit torture, especially in the area of ​​the couple, also may have betrayals in commercial relationships or societies, especially in secret societies. Pluto is in good aspect to the nodes Lunar and Venus, from the 9th house, so it is a good time to be conscious management of feelings and love, especially in the area of ​​the spiritual, giving the possibility to make changes to will internal, psychological and spiritual problems, acts of faith and love changes many people inside, and perhaps large gatherings of people after espirituates changes or religious groups. Seres is in conjunction with the ascendant in Taurus, along with the Ferris wheel, so is fortunate situations and significant achievements especially in the material expected, and the positive ctitud through personality. Saturn still inharmonious with the Lunar Nodes, so it is expected the feeling brake or things do not work, or that for some people means depressions, fears, phobias, insecurity, deep psychological problems, problems with viruses or infections, falcedad , etc.
For different signs:
Aries is as powerless or little desire to act, want to rest, away from others, feels that wants to break free of things but you have to take away first to step back and know that you have to do.
Taurus good time to act, feel safer than at other times, the wheel of fortune accompanies them, may have the harvest of achievements, things that have been working a long time.
Gemminis tensions have slackened somewhat, the targets are somewhat restrained, but have the possibility of interesting achievements of money, or commercial solutions.
Cancer situations favor them indirectly bueneas work situations with children, and interesting situations or loving partner. Action force.
Leo home situations opposed to work situations, you may need to devote more time to home and family, home or temporarily used as a shelter or out of your tensions.
Virgo is still with the possibility of further structuring new targets or horizons, perhaps with children or finacieras tensions tensions. Need to resolve legal situations.
Pound for a very good side prospects, possibility of early very important objectives, luck, expanción goals, spiritual attainments, achievements in knowledge or wisdom, art, music, etc. On the other hand take care of falls, violence, health care.
Scorpio good social, emotional, spiritual projects, love the couple and the children, renewal in love, but beware of treachery and deceit, and try not to commit.
Sagittarius follows the requirement in every sense, both mentally and psychologically, righteousness and seridad the lleba can cope with the situation, and build what they want, but the results will be much later.
Capricorn on the one hand may be aggressive or violent in their attitude, but a lot of inner strength to act, without fear, with determination, strength. Much force in the spiritual, profound changes, astral or spiritual journeys, new knowledge in the spiritual. Possibility of intense sexual contacts, sex travel. eye with whom they interact, eye to violent.
Aquarius good time in the profession or in trade, renewal of situations, perhaps expanción achievements or positive, spiritual renewal and knowledge.
Pisces for side brakes or emotional or psychological problems, but on the other hand feel the spiritual and inner strength grows internally. Possibility of new love affairs destination, perhaps some love associated with a past life or past, growth in the creativity of art, painting, social, music etc.
By birth charts to
RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer
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