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15 de Octubre, 2016    General

Libra Full Moon 10/16/2016

Libra Full Moon This is very complex and complicated. The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Libra this as I have said many times, is the sunshine on the mind, the rational intelligence, self merges with the mind, to open the inner potentials, and to understand things another time not reason correctly. Moon is on the opposite conjunct Uranus side, this can produce a tendency to rebellion, individualism in extreme want freedom either way, wanting to break free from all kinds of emotions that curb, especially the family, creativity and is enhanced by strong emotions Uranus technology, ingenuity and mental clarity can be put on the ambitions, goals on the profession or trade, giving ideas that can be refreshing and can border on genius. Pluto is in conjunction with Mars, these planets together produce an enormous potential for release of energy of all kinds, especially explosive, both have to do with the sexual energies so the sexual potential is profoundly increased and stimulated, you will be exacerbated or expanded, producing many activities of all kinds in the sexual area. Pluto and Mars also has to do with power and war, so is social, spiritual, political, banking armed clashes, clashes between institutions of all kinds, government expected, etc. As they are in Capricorn they may indicate any excess power of financial and government entities on the one hand find solutions to extremely complex situations financially, fall from banks or financial entities, and on the other hand the enrichment of others, mergers entities financial, falls and rises of the bag, and this can lead to loss and raises new political and reigns. Pluto and Mars govern volcanoes is expected an increase of volcanic activity, earthquakes, explosions of all kinds, breakdown of land, subsidence and land rises. Saturn continues inharmonious to the Lunar Nodes and Neptune, so this can produce sensation internal defeat, frustrations of all kinds, depression, anxiety, fears, insecurities, not knowing which direction to follow, also the tendency to proliferation of virus, infections, poisoning, drug and alcohol excesses. The trend toward escapism this reality is marked.for different signs:Aries intense emotions, a lot of mental creativity, sexual force, individualism, mechanical ability, electronics, emotional and psychological to convey the thought, achievements and problems to the profession or trade strength. Serious confrontations with the couple, separatist tendencies.Taurus force goals, social achievements, accomplishments with the couple, or couple, strength to bring about change, there are negative elements that are interfering, internal and external.Gemini follow the brakes or situations that do not quite work, but are a little lighter to act, feel the need to rest or no contact with each other, away from the pressures.Cancer though they have much conviction about what they are doing, situations are like black clouds, a lot of pressure in the profession, at home and the couple.Leo situations indirectly benefits this day, luck in material, profession, money, and home.Virgo is still the subject of further programming to the future, but the brakes are set still, perhaps some achievement or saving money, solutions of complicated material situations.Libra on the one hand good time that things are working, expansion knowledge, or wisdom, spiritual, solutions family issues, other problems side with the couple, strong controversies, separations, little patience, but otherwise good possibilities of a loving touch. Avoid the noxious or violent people.Scorpio good time socially, contact with many people, achievements in love, renewal of feelings, some financial achievement, eye betrayals, and not commit them, problems in the family. Renewal in the internal power.Sagittarius are as much required, very pressured by the situation, some frustrations or brakes schedules, feelings mismatched, but Jupiter from pound gives them a break this year, can solve things that seem insoluble, making trips, resolve labor issues, health, etc.Capricorn on the one hand can feel that everything that has unlimited power within, and that can change and reform and reform its environment, but the profession, and the home can be the biggest problems. The wheel of fortune accompanies them with an extra lucky. Problems with the couple, but a lot of passion and sex.Aquarius The situation indirectly helps, but many situations to confront, and learn to manage, have the ability to go deep into your being, and fix everything up now not face. Good prospects in the profession and marriage in the family.Pisces is going through many disappointments, abandonment, loss, lack of courage, but Mars and Pluto from Capricorn are helping with renewed inner power, with potential for social projection, and new or renewed relationships, and intense sexuality.By birth charts

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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