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13 de Octubre, 2012    General

Libra New Moon 10/15/2012

This New Moon occurs in Libra in the 9th house, almost CASA10 in good aspect to Jupiter and Neptune. The new moon will bring changes in the area of ​​spiritual, sentimental, emotional, employment, the sports, travel, in the area of ​​education, international politics, labor, and economic expansion. Jupiter from casa6 help expand and resolve issues of labor, and also to leave difficult to cure diseases, or find some solution. It is likely that the fix is ​​to hard to cure disease, or science to find solutions or discoveries. It probably takes office a new president that will set new policy directions, or try to act more humanistic or egalitarian. However there will be careful of the treachery of all kinds, sexual, emotional, financial, labor, legal, etc..

For different signs;

Aries was a point of tension and strength, you probably have to deal with family conflicts, especially with siblings. Also likely to have to settle legal situations. Tensions can cause you stress. But the support of Mars will give strength and fortitude to act, and sexual magnetism, or activate their sexuality or possible contacts.

Taurus is very involved or absorbed by family situations, which would probably take refuge in the family, not it relate to others or otherwise escape the social situation. They tend to have children, or be closely related to them, and have many contacts or activities with children. Memories of the Nines can produce changes.

Gemini is in a very good time, with the help of Jupiter in your sign, supporting the Sun Midheaven, can give commercial success, social, labor, and lecturer, with the possibility of foreign travel, and spiritual-type connections. Very good time for teachers and athletes.

Cancer is likely to partner situations and social situation, apart from being relegated or external causes of which can not handle. But some manage to make new contacts partners or sentimental, but not in the traditional manner.

Leo is not immune to change processes, and the need to transform your life, to have more control of the environment and of himself, like wanting to handle your situation. Changes may come in their individual capacities, and also generated by external situations, perhaps under pressure.

Virgo if we talk about changes, and can be very large, either because of family situations or situations of a social nature. Probably a love that I am knocking on her door. You probably know someone associated with travel, abroad, or in any way associated with the spiritual, or perhaps teaching. It's a great time for students and athletes.

Pound these days may be their best times of year, so take advantage of every good moment that comes their way. It can be an excellent time for business and for the profession, and to

everyone in politics, social, cultural, everything associated with travel or foreign. It is also an excellent time for everything that has to do with the spiritual. Possibility of long journeys and achievements overseas. Success in everything he wants.

Scorpio may have very significant achievements, and begin a time of great stability, and its projects are based on very specific things, stable and durable. Milestones for those studying something, achievements in the profession, and perhaps can build projects at other times seemed impossible.

Sagittarius is as usual between two facets, among which wants to rest, do a reunion with yourself, and do all sorts of other activities. What you should try not to act violently or get into quarrels, not out badly. No drunken driving. And on the other hand take care of their finances much.

Capricorn despite the tensions, and the past, these days are very important astrological help, that can lead to difficult situations, is likely to have the help of all kinds, especially in elderly or very serious and responsible people. Perhaps a romantic relationship can change your heart cold days.

Aquarius may be in the midst of resolving disputes or situations to both you and others, but the situation is more what ails money, that open new and renewed work situations or achievements of money, somehow luck accompanies .

Pisces are as in the core of a storm, at times with great peace, and with many other conflict situations. The area of ​​the couple should be revised, and see if this acting right from his place. Tends to have a broken heart or separatist attitudes.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

PD: You said on the birthday of President Hugo Chaves of Venezuela would win elections as past, which it did, published by this means, thanks for following.

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