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18 de Octubre, 2012    General

Crisis? Spiritual or cancellation by problems created? (I)

Can we distinguish between a spiritual crisis and a barrage of external problems?
In most cases no. The problems have different origins, some personality, others who need third party, other institutional etc.etc.etc.
The current problem makes humans slowly move away from ourselves to the point of imbalance, loss of confidence, insecurity, and in some cases to depression, this implies a loss of life force that also leads to diseases in some cases become chronic and other incurable.
Spirit? Weak from lack of values ​​and feelings? o Harassment of problems that keep us from ourselves?
(Problems that undermine our mind, blaming others or oneself).
You can be both at the same time, go hand in hand, one is weakened, while the other becomes stronger.
The real engine of our actions is our spirit, it governs the brain, but born in the heart center, is the driving force behind everything we do. If life is full of wonders will, survive before the tempest, reborn crises and protect weaker spirits helping others.
If the mind is full of hate, greed, etc., will be a destructive force who ends up with itself. Moreover weak minds are manipulated and led like lambs, doing the will of those who profit by taking advantage for their own benefit.
It's in everyone's eyes open and make strong our spirit, we have many tools to do so, the first will, (which is the force that drives the world), and second, that we are not alone, there are always willing to help spirits , you just have to ask, the third no guilt or blame, just experience, mistakes lead to learning, and successes to grow, recognizing our imperfections, that will help us understand which hurts us is as imperfect one, leads to forgiveness and be forgiven, elevating our spirit to divinity, strengthening, developing our existence much better.
All problems can be classified eg economic ones with money, health through medicine and its institutions or drugs. The sentimental through dialogue, the government through governors, labor in the works council or trade union organizations to pressure the state to better labor laws and punish abusive employers, the poor country of the solution to solve your people through the UN or etc.etc.etc. We differentiate each problem in its proper place, and small as all are important even inchar the bicycle wheel of our son / daughter.
We must accept that we have limitations of any kind, physical, visual, coordination, interpretation, economic, social, political, legal, etc, etc, etc.
The first step, and most important, is to stop all activity for a moment to think about yourself, where am I, as is my life now, (not the last), think every problem separately and possible solutions that may or have, but are available to us, see who can help us solve it. No hurry, calm that everything has a solution, ask for help from strong spirits beings surely find the fastest path to a solution.

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