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07 de Agosto, 2014    General

Leo Full Moon 08/10/2014 18hs10'

Leo Full Moon 08/10/2014 18hs10' 

On this same day the full moon occur, the Sun conjunct Mercury and Lilith, and more on planetary aspects. It is an extremely complex and difficult day for all characteristics, the tendency is for treasons, conspiracies, deception, fraud, commercial transactions or misleading or dubious, dishonest, or policies after dark background, here Lilith will be working at home, working with all its potential for darkness, but nothing seems to happen, agreements of all kinds, in which we will not know many will occur. There will be as a brake on the international political arena, and in the area of religion is likely to be an incident with a political leader, and generate important changes, and even the death of a religious leader, and that marks the end of a religious cycle. It may also be the appearance of a religious political leader showing a face that is not, and is a true dark self. There will be very attentive to what happens in these remaining days and months to see what ends up happening. 

For different signs: 

Aries and all signs must beware of treachery, deceit and fraud. Is likely to introduce him to new relationships, but look at the situation to not be affected either. 

Taurus is likely that family situations are what you are pushing or weighing, either money situations, or emotional conflicts. Helps the strong intuition and record work, and constant force action. 

Gemini is like outside living situations are personal things like what happens in the world did not exist, strong bond with the children, good financial situations. 

Cancer good job opportunities, and ability to act with good social connection, achievements through the partner or with your partner, popularity, and good luck. 

Leo the change is very large, the situation can be very controversial and profound, the issue is that you may very deep and difficult to manage romantic relationships are mixed, so they must review the situation not to get to major problems. 

Virgo are very hard to analyze and change the situations that are surrounding, has much self-control and ability to reform his life. 

Libra is re ordering his life and accomplishing things that were previously braking while romantic relationships do not help, and all the leads to make required changes, but may have good access or social acceptance, social achievement, or fame. 

Scorpio is likely that stability is in fall, or difficult to manage, and on this day in particular, be very careful with everything or everyone. Bad time for politicians, economists, business leaders or large scale. 

Sagittarius your project may be maintained with force and clarity, good time to prosecute his life in profound changes. 

Capricorn feels he must take rest, perhaps being carried situations have a profound stress, is good time to seek psychological help, or get the leven therapies to relax and change your current perspective, and positivarse strongly. 

Aquarius does not escape the current situation, their tendency to be independent you can see braking situations with family can be conflicting, and curb their own purposes. Maybe some new possibility for social action or social acceptance. Awards for social contact. 

Pisces is the one that is best in every situation good chance of success with money, flowing without problem, but many expenses, be careful what you get, if in the future missing. Maybe some sexual contact, travel or an unusual situation. 

RICARDO M. Zani Astrolo. 

Sol - Black Moon or Lilith - Mercury conjunct 08/10/2014 

If you have had complicated, conflicting, difficult days, and more astrological level, although sometimes it seems that the situation is not so difficult, this day is really hard to tell or express, that any contact with Lilith and becomes difficult, or makes conflict, and / or dark, and in this case the Sun and Mercury transiting Lilith and Leo, it becomes very negative. Here sunlight becomes very negative or obscured by this effect, in which you can expect all kinds of betrayals, deceptions, frustrations, financial scams, economic crash, stock market crash, commercial fraud, trade treaties between countries but after conflict or a cohesive line, or otherwise for the benefit of some and a great evil to others. Here the powerful countries will be in their glory, and their tendency to crush the weak. May be the case of a fall or a major political, or remove it to make way for someone more sinister than the last, have to be careful who will be changing its place in international politics and economy. And of course the weather is not helping, nor the state of the planet. My best advice is that if a business relationship or an affair, and even a situation that looks very good show, allow a few days if you can, up to 8 days at least, and take time to observe the situation and draw conclusions. 

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 

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