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05 de Enero, 2018    General

Jupiter - Mars in conjunction 6-1-2018

This conjunction of Jupiter with Mars, in Scorpio, is of a very powerful influence, it is of a really profound influence. Mars in Scorpio is exalted because it is co-regent with Pluto, it gives a lot of psychic strength, sexual force, investigative force, taste for the hidden, to investigate things that at another moment does not reach much depth, strength of action, without fears, with tendency to act in secret, being able to make plots without anyone knowing. Mars together with Jupiter together, increase male strength, male sexual magnetism, physical strength through muscles, mental and spiritual strength, projection force of goals or objectives, expansion of goals, magnetism of material and monetary gains, forces to make long trips, exploration trips, etc. This conjunction is special for the investigators in all the areas, especially the mathematics, the biological investigation, the diving, the swimmers, the athletes, who will achieve goals that in another moment they can not obtain it, force of will with the expansion, etc. This conjunction has the support Venus, Sun, Pluto, giving it greater strength or power of action and vitality, strength in love and consciousness, greater control and self-control, recovery from some serious illness, for some you can establish romantic or couple relationships , of a depth and strength almost unique, and very durable, in politics you can achieve things on a large scale, in the economy much more, for some it can mean achievements of money or material things at a great level or on a large scale. The positive aspect of Neptune to this conjunction can give it a psychic, spiritual strength, clairvoyance, astral travel, depth in the spiritual path, intuition, realization of projects that at other times seemed impossible. The Moon also makes a good appearance in conjunction, so mass movements of people, social achievement, social expansion, for some fame, or social success, or social acceptance, achievements through contact with people can occur. The Lunar Nodes are inharmonic with this conjunction, so there are people who feel like they are slowed down in their things or objectives, they have resources, but there are obstacles to something that holds them back.

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RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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