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07 de Septiembre, 2014    General

Virgo Full Moon 09/09/2014

Virgo Full Moon 09/09/2014 

This moon appears much calmer than what WAS happening throughout the year, is less likely or more likely intention to achieve new target estrucuturar or sitting. This full moon may indicate required by the situation, with more willpower, determination, perseverance, details, planning on a larger scale, is likely to begin to see the exit to old conflicts changes, be they economic, social, religious, spiritual, new international political structures, and new trade agreements. Large mobilizations of people, or projects involving the masses of people. 

For different signs: 

Aries despite tensions and reformist tendency are likely to have a good time professional recognition of their work, social success, business success, success in politics. Job change. 

Taurus clings to its objectives to maintain its momentum and stability, but is likely to feel a sense of loss or that things can not fully control, and feel extremely required. 

Gemminis is likely to feel they have to renew their goals, and that current does not fully satisfy them, however can have significant achievements but indirectly, or help from friends. 

Cancer is as isolated or alone, is facing inside to recharge, and an understanding of their mistakes, it's time to wait a few days before actuar.La intuition is at full strength and the interior also. Stres nervous. 

Good time for Leo, commercial, political, renewal objectives, personal independence, and with its old reencuetro organizational skills, contacts with important people, creativity, intelligence, achievements in the area of scientific research relationships. 

Virgo good time for writers, teachers and students, and all who are associated with the legal side, very good cratividad and interior cleaning. It may be the end of a major life cycle. 

British tensions are full, psychological stress or wear situations, you probably want to move house or home, or to complete old family conflicts or family background. 

Scorpio has a higher demand, are pressured by the circumstances, and loaded enrgia, but must be controlled very seriously, because it can be overwhelmed, or poorly expressed, with defeatist attitudes or want things pressuring others or demanding what others can not give. 

Sagittarius the situation may lead them to rethink their employment or financial situation, and even the situation with the children if they have them. However good shopping time, economic achievements and accomplishments professionally. 

Capricorn one hand many tensions with labor, or problems in the legal, or contracts, you probably are not receiving adequate support or recognition, intuition accompanies, and is likely to further cultural, economic, social loving relationships , a lot of creativity, and acceptance of others. Achievements of money. 

Aquarium moemto good socially and in contact with people, profound changes in the relationship with your partner, perhaps a new sales company associated with the couple, and also lucky in love relationships, and even marriage plans or marriage proposals . 

It Pisces Your intuition is full, emotions can be overwhelmed, and imagination also a good time for those in the area of the spiritual, or contact with higher planes, they can have most unique experiences in your life the spiritual. Mind you take good care of your health. 

RICARDO M. Zani astrologer 

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