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22 de Abril, 2013    General

Great support from Mexico women (men too)

Infinitely grateful to the Centre and especially aa Engel Nutritionist Carla Ledesma, (nutrition <>) to give me a metabolism study for my group 0 with diabetes mellitus II.

For starters I Engel Center knowledge through my brother specialist astrologer and alternative therapies Ricardo Miguel Zani, ( who sent me the link = yizTKFOJcaI, then consulted and then I contacted by email and through the website and other video know the important work especially with women over 40 years and its surroundings Men also advising on the problems of menopause. Among other things, address the issue of power and its impact on adulthood, based on the diet by blood group.

It is at this point I sent a personalized diet my blood, I started two and half months ago with surprising results, I started with a base of 91kg and 85kgs as of today those who do not recover, in addition to taking three tablets and 16 units of Lantus (insulin glargine) is down to any pills and no injections, sugar back to normal, just have to be consistent and not going off the diet, you eat well and feel full of energy, tiredness disappeared muscular and mental, as well as the aesthetic by thinning, notice the change of mood and attitude towards life. It is important to monitor weight daily controls, incidence of each targeted intake controlling what you eat sugar before meals and two hours after meals and varying amounts as well as liquids.

I was struck by the social work, to meetings, webcasting, contact by e-mail that will be appreciated by youtube (many videos), especially the importance, in that people eat breath that correlate the blood group of each individual for health improvement for both the woman and the man. Certainly everything is directed to the problem of women for the before, during and after menopause, dietary and psychological support offered individually and for the couple in their case, because not only affects women, but also their surroundings. The men in awareness to help them cope better this very important stage of women.

Congratulations and hopefully get involved in this way other companies and institutions, Thanks.

Note: I invite readers to visit and search the videos online and get in touch with the Centre Engel, not regret.




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