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24 de Abril, 2013    General

Full Moon Taurus 04/25/2013

Sun in Taurus and in the 6th house, Moon in Scorpio in the 12th house. While it is the Sun and Mars in opposition to Saturn and the Moon Neptune Pluto and make them positive aspects that make it an important balance to astrological situation. The most important of these days is the ability to stabilize the material, labor, health, and stabilize mental problems, especially for Saturn here really requires deep commitment from the psychological and the spiritual, is likely to be a feeling of insecurity, melancholy, depression, stress, etc., or heavily pressured by the situation, whether for social, family, or illness. They are special days to rest, retrain, visit a therapist to overcome these moments of tension. Conjunction Sun - Mars in Taurus gives much strength for action, eager to achieve and acquire things, with security background, as if everything can accomplish and achieve, as well as a strong sexual energy to be channeled, in addition to the also support Venus is in Taurus, giving many good chances partner contact, "nothing idyllic" very material and compact as Taurus's see, here we can see it out of inertia for action and pleasure. They are very good morning for artisans and sculptors, as well as those in art and music, the singers, and those who are associated with the theater and cinema. For some politicians may be the end of his career, as well as to some economists, there may be serious conflicts between countries, to armed conflict may be, it can also be the end of a monarchy or the death of a king or queen, or even it is the beginning of the end. It can be also generated large-scale earthquakes and volcanic eruptions large, with huge waves. It may also be having problems with crops or crops, and animal husbandry. Also the case of sexual diseases, and viral in particular. In these days of impatience or little patience is at maximum, so we have to take care of their own temperament, temperament and care for others, because the reactions can be extreme. The stress is what most will elaborate on these days, and escapism through drugs and alcohol.

For different signs:

Aries is much quieter than previous days, you probably feel you need to take a long relaxing, but it's time to make conclusions, especially love relationships.

Taurus is a time of action, passion, sex, and accomplishments of all kinds, do not let family situations slow it down or bring you down.

Gemini good time for socializing, and to be connected with art and artists, possibility of new relationships.

Cancer has iodine astrological support have been waiting to achieve their goals, it is good time to travel, for sports and for students. Travel for work.

Leo if you take a vacation could do, you probably feel as out of focus or is not going in the right direction or you really want to go.

Virgo feels with all its potential and everything going for it, is an excellent time to achievements in the profession, work, and stability in your life.

Libra is likely to be making new goals or new things to do, it is likely that the requirements of the previous month so exhausted. Meetings with friends.

Scorpio has a profound moment to face, both personally, and in the familiar, but has a lot of inner strength to do so, Saturn faces, to reveal it as a problem being inside or shows errors.

Sagittarius has a rare moment, it's like not sure where to go, but you have good situations to make money. That's good ...

Capricorn has a good time-even, despite tensions or conflicts, are likely to have a new partner, or balance things in your home.

Aquarius is likely to be in tension with relatives or siblings, or is in doubt with what you are studying, or doing.

Pisces is associated with past situations and family, is likely to partner going smoothly subject the better, but health should take care of it, and keep your eyes open, because there may be deception or betrayal.

RICARDO ZANI astrologer

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