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03 de Junio, 2016    General

Gemini New Moon 06/04/2016

This new gemini Moon is in House 4, in conjunction with Venus. For the Maya this type of conjunction marked profound changes, and indicated that many things and events happen from here, and the issue is that this particular day is so complex and difficult to explain, I will try to do everything possible to do so . The Mayans used the calendar to predict things Venus, the Moon and other things. Every new moon creates the possibility to change things and make new beginnings. The fact that they are the Sun and Moon in conjunction with Venus, this makes love, social, cultural, arts of all kinds, the connection with others is the most important. It is likely to feel the deep need to love truly love, or come to have a deep connection of love with someone, or want to really want to have someone in life, someone with whom to share the life of truth, superficiality. This triple combination can make changes at the social, political, economic, changes in home and family, unexpected marriages, etc. Very good opportunity for artists, singers, writers, sculptors, etc. The issue is that they also have disharmonious aspects with the Lunar Nodes, Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn; so there may be serious conflicts with feelings, deep disappointments, brakes in action to love or feelings, separatist tendencies, backstabbing, existential crisis, end of a process of relationships, and the beginning of another or others who for now can be uncertain, or not go anywhere or do not help the real purposes of one or more sincere relationships based on true love, and not contaminated by other things, etc. At the political level can mean a profound crisis, the fall or death of a leader or important president, the fall of an economic, political and social system, with the possibility of generating a new optical and address, but for now completely uncertain, frustration can be total, the stock market crash, breakdown of financial institutions and banks, together with major flooding, torrential rains, tidal waves, subsidence boat, it may indicate a change that may be 90 degrees, but always based on deceit and betrayal, lying, and illusionism.For different signs:Aries changes and situations these days affects them indirectly, for some it can be a very good time in the area of ​​love and social issues, and some achievements of money.Taurus good time mentally, inertial force along with the determination, new projects, and stability in the family.Gemini changes and situations may be total, very complex, and not easy to handle. The biggest changes are the area of  love, beginnings and endings, things completely marked and determined.Cancer touches indirectly situations, work and children can be as important to face and solve.Leo can take advantage of this situation and act in their favor, social and love can be a good time, and perhaps some contact deep.Planes love couple.Virgo all projects can be in place and the possibility of expand, but on the other hand the crisis situations may be destabilizing or braking action, or a great uncertainty.Libra the situation affects them indirectly, possible long journey, good time for students, and perhaps some unexpected love affair, in which love and the spiritual can be involved. social, and art success.Scorpio good time in the professional and labor, important achievements of money, perhaps important achievements in the profession, any help.Sagittarius side by a hard struggle to keep their situation is not easy, sentimental changes may be complete, and socially as well.Capricorn are in a moment of self-control and power point, out of the ordinary, are being reorganized, and seeing distance structure follow. Good time to solve deep problems.Aquarius are in a contradiction, on the one hand want to be alone, and another action and want to be in contact with others, but their individualism is full, the wheel of fortune accompanies them.Pisces never nearby the expression "Into the Storm" is a total revolution, the past is what most weight, family and profession, and the situation with money, which on one hand can flow well and also flow wrong. Some disappointments.By birth charts to 

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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