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05 de Septiembre, 2017    General

Full moon of Virgo 6-9-2017

This full Moon is quite interesting, because there are many positive aspects among the planets, so you have to take advantage of these energies because in other astrological moments are not repeated. Mars and Mercury are in positive aspects with Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn, giving very good chances of economic growth, material, large-scale money, intelligence, inventiveness, achievements through the profession, achievements in industry and commerce, expansion in all areas, achievements in science, architecture, work, etc. The moon is in conjunction with Neptune and in opposition to the Sun, can offer a lot of intuition, a lot of sensitivity, excess of imagination, perception, astral travel, sea travel, etc. But Saturn makes a negative aspect to the Sun, the Moon and Neptune, and the biggest problem is that the Black Moon continues in conjunction with Saturn, can produce, insecurity, doubts, betrayals, deprecations, emotional obstacles, family problems, coldness in deciding things, can also produce very problematic virus or bacterial outbreaks. Pluto on its side makes a good appearance to the Sun, Moon and Neptune, giving it strength of concentration, internal power, psychological strength, management strength of groups of people, or social power, intuition gets deeper here, because adds the conscious force of Pluto, so despite the negative of the lock of Saturn, you can change or reform problems or difficult situations. It is expected that there are situations with large groups of people, or things that happen in a massive way, or affect many people, and for some will achieve fame or power, whether social, political or economic. Venus is still on the house 2 increasing the chances of social and economic success, achievements in art, music, etc.For the different signs:

Aries can take advantage of this excellent moments of astrological help, this is a good boost of good energies that help them, whether for achievement in the area of money, profession, couple, sex, work, health, and project or carry out all your projects with total strength and security.

Taurus continue with their inertia and natural strength, which characterizes them, the projects remain valid and stable, perhaps there is not much expansion, but stability.

Gemini, although they are somewhat lonely or do not want to be in close contact with others, the astrological situation benefits them greatly, especially in the economic area, profession, home and family. The biggest problem may be in the area of health, and the psychological strength, somewhat weakened.

Cancer are with strength and dynamism, enthusiasm, but with little desire for action, intuition will be full, and emotions very charged, and perhaps some extra money that can reach.

Leo unbeatable moment of good possibilities, achievements in the economic, social, sexual area, new projects that do not have barriers, much capacity to do and achieve what they propose.

Virgo is very rational, but intuition forces them to be more perceptive, and to take power over situations, loneliness and melancholy can be handled conscientiously. Possibilities of some interesting couple relationship that can become effective, and change their lives.

Libra is an excellent moment in every sense, familiar, economic, achievements in every sense, expansion of projects, work achievements, achievements in the couple, projects can be achieved on a large scale or at a high level.

Scorpio this new moon fills them with intuition, perception, capture of everything, tones them in their habitual observation of the environment, they are very concentrates in themselves, and in their creative force.

Sagittarius I think it is the one that is in conflict, or in contradiction, on the one hand with a lot of creative, ingenious force, stability, seriousness and constructive force, and on the other hand, loneliness, or depression, or insecurity, or problems due to illness. They can have important achievements in the work, social, and in the area of money, can achieve some achievements of great level. You have to blunt old emotional frustrations.

Capricorn the wheel of fortune accompanies them, with great luck, especially the social area and in the area of the couple, can get to realize an important relationship, deep in the feelings.

Aquarius are highly demanded for their past, are in a situation of many changes, memories, and with the need for greater control over internal and external situations.

Pisces intuition and perception are full, can have important achievements at social level, couple, travel, sports, etc. They may have feelings of insecurity, loneliness, emotional coldness, problems with work, or health.

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer.

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