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01 de Marzo, 2018    General

Full Moon of Pisces 1-3-2018

This full Moon of Pisces, is very intense, full of tensions and forces. The Sun is in conjunction with Neptune, in Pisces, this makes it possible to go deep in feelings, intuition, imagination, perception, the capture of vibrations or the states of things that surround us, we makes them much more sensitive and vulnerable, distrustful, with the tendency not to want to get in touch with others; it can produce an excess of idealism mixed with fantasy, then it can be exposed to imaginative idyllic situations or relationships, and then when these influences recede, one falls into profound disillusionment, or becomes the victim of abuse, deceit or betrayal. You can also fall into situations of double or varied relationships, and not know what to choose, or what direction to follow. If you do not live or work with a deep realism or use the strict rational mind, you can fall into big mistakes, and then continue to drag. Venus and Mercury are in conjunction, together with Chiron, in Pisces, this can produce a very sensitive mind, able to go deep into the unconscious, and solve deep problems in the psychological, and also gives capacity for creativity in the area of arts, painting, singing, writing books, creativity in film, theater, and everything that has to do with the illusion or fantasy, can produce very vivid dreams, visions of the future, memories of the past, and nightmares of all kinds; From the point of view of the programming towards the goals or things that we want towards the future, it is a very good moment, since these situations produce very deep hypnotic moments. This conjunction of Venus and Mercury, is in square with Mars, generates a conflict in the sentimental and sexual area, love versus sexual, rational versus action or force; It may be that you have little patience, acts of violence, irrational acts, tendency to alcoholism and escapism through drugs, acts of real unconsciousness, exposure to extreme situations, life or death may be involved, violations , problems due to sexual diseases, viral diseases, problems due to excess expenses, financial risks, loss of money due to acts of unconsciousness or ignorance. Tendency to pressure others and even coercion. Tendency to the ruptures of couple by sexual or sentimental wear. The Moon is in Virgo in good aspect to Saturn, and this in good aspect to Neptune and the Sun, this can serve as something of brake and rectitude and all the disorientation that the other planets can be producing, can give patience, perseverance, endurance , and psychological stability, and a good time for learning, especially for students or those who want to embark on a new profession, or study career. and that lasts for a long time. The Signs of the Zodiac are in the opposite houses, the opposites here work together, giving each sign abilities and aptitudes that at another moment it does not have or can not express or achieve.

For the different signs:

Aries a lot of intensity of emotions, couple situations are the most important, and social relationships. There may be proposals for marriage, or the meeting or reunion with an important love. The wheel of fortune accompanies them. Aries receives the positive qualities of Libra.

Taurus has a lot of astrological support to achieve its goals, many complex situations, loves, need for changes, pressure, many activities, very demanded. Taurus receives the positive qualities of Scorpio.

Gemini pressures are going to give way, the transit of pisces is not the best, try not to travel in which expect positive results, whether for work or study, although they are very devoted to them. Need to do more sport. Good time to start higher studies. Gemini receives the positive qualities of Sagittarius. 

Cancer a lot of pressure in every sense, the most important thing is the company, the profession, or the work, possibilities of great achievements.Cancer receives the qualities of Capricorn.

Leo good time to organize your life, reorder your goals and your friends, achievements can be important, are a little lonely, but clear in their objectives. Leo receives the qualities of Aquarius.

Virgo somewhat lonely or with a tendency to get away from others, to take refuge in the home, if you have children the situation is very complicated with them, as with parents. Virgo receives the qualities of Pisces.

Libra a little more active or determined, with more physical strength, with more desire to do things than at other times, less think and act more. Libra receives the qualities of Aries.

Scorpio is likely to be the sign with more astrological support at this time, good time to have achievements in the area of money, in the financial area, material achievements, goal setting, expansion in the area of ideas, very intense love situations , new employment contracts. Scorpio receives the qualities of Taurus.

Sagittarius very intense in the sexual area, very passionate, but with emotional contradictions, or little communication or little connection with feelings, setbacks in the area of ​​the couple, or with children if you have them. Sagittarius receives the qualities of Gemini.

Capricorn very attached to the family, many complex situations in the home, need to establish if situation at home, betrayals and lies, perhaps unstable partner situations. A lot of intuition, a lot of sensitivity, very deep inner stability, money achievements. Capricorn receives the qualities of Cancer.

Aquarius is reviewing the past, reviewing what was done wrong, especially in the subject of children, in the topic of power, in the theme of creativity, a lot of intensity in the sexual area, good love possibilities or of concretion of a couple. Aquarius receives the qualities of Leo.

Pisces receives all the strength and potential, good time in the workplace, good time to start studies, to ask questions of art, a lot of intuition, a lot of emotional and mental sensitivity, a lot of magnetism in every way, they are covered with a special halo of mystery and sensuality. Pisces receives the qualities of Virgo.

By natal letters to

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

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