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01 de Junio, 2015    General

Full Moon Gemminis 2 - 6-2015

In this Gemminis full moon the sun is on the Midheaven, and Moon in the fourth house. The Sun is in conjunction with Mercury and Mars, so the mental strength and sexual into action, creativity and mental liveliness of Gemminis is full, despite all the pressure or conflict situation, this astrological situation gives them all the strength to face and solve all with optimism and a strong argument. The Sun and Moon are in good aspect to the Lunar Nodes, so is arming or brewing a new future, or that things start to work, you begin to have a little more likely to achieve goals and reach a little more freedom to do things build or order; It has more clarity about what you want, what you have and what you could do or achieve. Neptune and Saturn make negative aspects to all these actions, causing thoughts to cloud or have doubts or fears; This square can produce all kinds of psychological problems, depression, separatist tendencies in romantic relationships, tendency to problems in the circulatory system, nervous system problems, low defenses in the immune system, suicide, because it can generate epidemics all types; You can generate large mobilizations of water, torrential rains, problems in ships or vessels, etc. There may be a serious conflict in a royal family or a powerful country. Jupiter makes a positive aspect to the moon and the sun, so that international politics can have a good time achievement and interaction, the global economy may also have a pickup or expand, some companies have their great achievement and reach their full action . These days may be the best achievement and economic recovery for many people, to achieve stability in order to plan new things for the future.
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