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05 de Mayo, 2016    General

Taurus New Moon 06/05/2016

This New Moon of Taurus is very special to take advantage, as Taurus materializes or made real or concrete goals and objectives, it is good to start projects that require inertia, willpower, materiality, ambition, etc. The Sun and the Moon accompanying Mercury and Venus, so the creative and rational force are at full capacity, it is an excellent time for those who are the art, song, dance, finance, and all those situations that require much social contact, refinement and social, special acceptance for artists, politicians, singers, actors film and theater, etc. To this quadruple conjunction make them beneficial aspects, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes, so intuition, perception, inner vision, psychological, inner power, the conscious astral projections, mediumship, long trips, learning, profound truth of all things can be developed and achieved great things can be projected and reach in all areas, material and spiritual wealth may be present. This day unlocks many of the negative and fatal aspects of squaring Saturn and Mars generating the Lunar Nodes and Jupiter, which are acting as a brake and karmic blocks, very difficult things to solve, or arm; this karmic situation, may be acting as a destroyer of a whole system of life, but with total critical situations. The crisis may be leading to a new system to see things globally.For different signs:Aries internal revolutions continue, the desire to change everything or reform their environment, and live with a lot of action or hard.Taurus are at their best chance of positive changes, achievements in every way, in the spiritual, psychological, social, material studies, solutions of a legal nature, love relationships, fame, etc.Gemminis travel possibilities for rest, possibility of achievement in the profession, or business achievements, problems may be in health, especially in the bones, joints and spine.Cancer changes in financial position are very positive achievements in labor, and social. Possibility of some interesting relationship to partner level.perhaps Leo astrological situation leads them to consider the relationships, and employment status, they are not fully pressed, are as in a transition period, to know what direction to go.Virgo on the one hand the feeling that not fully reach their objectives, or lonely in action, end of the year everything will be better. The wheel of fortune accompanies them with a touch of luck.Libra requirements are indirect, perhaps in family situations that complicate the action, perhaps a touch of luck with money, and situations that confront directly.Scorpio astrological situation can profoundly affect the changes in the internal attitude, everything forces them to make changes, both emotional, legal, material, social, etc. Good situations with money.Sagittarius must take special care to accidents, falls, bones, spine, circulatory system, etc. However, they may have determination and constructive attitudes, strength with serious attitudes.Capricorn need to stabilize your home or home, can be critical in the area of the couple. Good chance of success at a high level, a lot of depth on feelings, a lot of intuition, possibility of main deep spiritual experiences.Aquarius the situation is not wasted, changes may be in the area of children if you have them, and the need to create or generate creativity. Finances may be in disarray, righteousness and steadfastness would be a good time to implement them. Pisces on one side they are hard pressed on all sides, in labor, in legal, as psychological, the couple, etc, but they will find an inner power out of the ordinary, with which they will face all that this .By birth charts to 

RICARDO M. ZANI Astrologer

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