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17 de Febrero, 2014    General

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner 2014-2015 Annual Astrology

Annual map

This year the Sun is in the 12th house , along with Neptune , so your personality will not have the force of expression that until now has had , and will tend to appear shortly in public, also tend to be isolated and away from contact with others, and secondly this will lose popularity and mass support , you will feel you are all alone. Saturn is square to the Sun and Mercury , from the 9th house , so I feel a tendency to neglect their duties, or in any way tend to the lack of international political support , or feel abandoned political support in their own Argentina . Mars and the Moon are in the 8th house , first going to try to impose new social situations, or want to make strong legal reforms that will not accept you expect. Uranus in the 2nd house is in bad aspect with Pluto and Jupiter , so the way forward economically be under full voltage , with no easy solution , it is likely that your fence deteriorating health , and tends to move away from management, or somehow halt his presidential work. The support of their children will not be enough in your life, it is likely that one of them has a disease which has to devote himself to help. While this means sky in Sagittarius that will give you a sense of luck or you can achieve anything you want , or you can expand your horizon, but if you act stubbornness or obstinacy , will drop instead.

Solar Revolution - Lunar 2014-2015

The Solar Revolution - Lunar is something other than the annual map presents , but does not escape the strong influences of the grand square generated by Pluto , Jupiter , Uranus, and Mars , which affect all human beings equally , in different areas. The Sun aims through the house Moon to 6, where's natal Saturn and Neptune , so the work activity will be increased , or try to get in more action , acting with great intuition and strength ( since Mars is transiting Libra in house 6 and 5) may want to redouble its management at any price, and want to remain in their management control , it can have significant achievements in the production of work, and find new mechanisms of social assistance. Although tend to solitude , or to continue isolating each time more , antagonisms can get to decide what course staff will follow. It will continue reforms and reforms and reforms , changes and changes and changes , but it is possible that both the climate global , political , religious and economic , the pressure on making new paths and make the tough decisions , the situation can press while not sits at the top of the situation , although you really have the capacity to act . Economically may have important successes, and personally too. It is likely that although countries have to stop providing political and economic support , may be new trade routes or connections , and even to give political support to countries that are in inferior position . The children will be or will have a huge influence on their management, both personally , politically, and socially , it is likely that your children or any of them, have severe illness or personal problems , and that this influence have to do rethink its labor management . You will be really lucky situations , and sometimes some props Argentina society. From the point of view of health , at times you will feel all the physical strength to continue acting, but will have strong setbacks and difficult situations to transit . It is likely that you want your child to be the continue its management and is basing its actions in that direction, the personal situation of her and your child may be taking on water , or diluted in time for all situations family , although it seems that it can achieve. Will have to see if they stand until the end of July this year, to see if he can continue, internally she ( Cristina Fernandez) , feel and want to retire and have a new home , or move to another country , which would not be not unusual for this to happen. Something interesting happens on the birthday of 2015 , is a new moon , so it is probably indicating the end of his political career, or somehow can be a total change in your life .

Some of the Pro - moon

This system indicates that your connection to travel , and alien is in full , within two years it will achieve its major cherished goals, or life , whether political, spiritual , or level of humanitarian aid level because it is likely to engage in social action support until his last days of life. She considers having a couple more years to achieve their goals and achieve their political and economic expansion , somehow find the course that was set , despite the pressure of international politics and domestic politics. Think and feel you can get higher in purpose and achieve more power and performance in its management. Feel your achievements and ability to be projected further in time, in a couple of years can get to resurface even more strength and ability , and get back to having a larger social and political support that the current , either successes or the situation. But situations with their children and health can be conditioning his purpose or stay .

Planetary transits

I'll start talking about Mars, which will be one of the most important players in this year, as it will be steady in Libra for many months, until late July this year 2014 , which will be transiting your 6th house , the labor and health also will be transiting his natal Neptune and Saturn , so aside his strength and energy will be geared to work with a highly combative , and depth perception. Uranus is transiting the opposite side, where she has natal Mars and Venus , so their rebellion will be larger and would face great opposition in its political and economic management , and also in the area of ​​health , both physical and emotional ; should also beware of accidents because they can be fatal , since this astrological situation we add the squares Pluto and Jupiter , increasing crises and problems in unexpected situations. There is a special day that occurs especially difficult or critical , is the 06/30/2014 , when Mars will be on the 6th house and Moon and Black Moon will be in transit over the South Lunar Node in your birth chart , indicating a dark situation may gestate that day or Karmic disease, or somehow have to face a dark part of her past. In August Mars will be in conjunction with Saturn in Scorpio transit , in the 7th house , as opposed to your natal Moon and Jupiter . On one side will feel much strength and ability to face the political and social situation , and tends to make new commercial and political ties with other countries , feeling fully confident of its management , but otherwise has the controversy wanting to leave everything and follow their own course in life happen to Node Lunar transit would be on his natal Saturn , and Neptune , indicating that it is in the process of wanting to structure your life , and structure or fully establish their political action , or place in politics, or in any way establish full political and social level . Mars will be on the house 8 on 9/29/2014 , just the moon in transit, and the Lunar North Node transit home on 6, since this is where their health care should be the greatest until December 2014 , because it can be serious , even if it seems nothing happens. Mars will be on the 9th house along with Pluto on 10/11/2014 , here can you wake up as a hidden power of their powers and fighting strength , and also have to face or resolve difficult situations in Argentina and perhaps situations generated by the difficult global situation , you probably have to take drastic measures to control the social economic, political and . Serious problems with neighboring countries, and even rupture of relations with neighboring countries or neighbors. You can indicate the end of a political process it, and the beginning of a new one , or defeat . Mars is in the 10th house or Midheaven , the 12/27/2014 , but first will transit on its North Lunar Node , here is reorganizing his life, and perhaps making a long trip, plus have some significant political success, of course if is still in its management. Until 2015 birthday will be on your home 10, the success , giving opportunities for significant achievements in their profession, and economic level.

Neptune will be in Pisces for many years giving a strong intuition or additional power, which account despite the critical situation that may be happening.

Jupiter will be on his home in March , at the height of his natal Uranus until late July 2014 , resulting on the one hand the feeling of great possibilities and creativity , and ability to renew and innovate on politics and international relations, with possibilities many trips , and many possibilities of new agreements, but with so many controversies and obstacles of all kinds, every time you want to set something, some situation will become an obstacle . And solutions can be large , so are the problems faced. The Jupiter will be on 06/07/2014 Ferris wheel Cristina Fernandez , despite the turbulent situation , both personally and in politics, can have a very lucky time in which to get out or resolve the situation perhaps a moment of inspiration that leads to understand and resolve the situation. Your health can be reviewed in these días.Júpiter will conjunct the natal Lunar South Node 09.07.2014 , here she may be encountering internal capabilities and past situations with men , perhaps new alliances with characters which militated or acted in the political past , perhaps a person who was a partner. Here we also have to solve legal situations that has dragged , or otherwise may also be projecting meaning to move to another country. His home Jupiter will be on 16.11.2014 Pluto is a time of maximum and minimum , this will have a more global or mass of the entire situation in which it is involved mink, and make very good decisions for the direction to follow also feel that his power is unlimited and also its projection policy , despite the situation.

Some interesting things about the Black Moon transiting on 02.13.2014 was in conjunction with the Wheel of Fortune in your birth chart , they may have been truly dark moment for her , and other obscure moments that she can live are 14/06/2014 when the black moon is in transit on its South Lunar Node , where dark past may be emerging and appearing , especially related to his family, and legal situations , from the point of view that is unresolved conflicts or errors that do not know how to handle in the past, may also be the case you have or who commits treason , forget for a moment that you are driving the lives of many Argentines. The other dark moments have the 15/09/2014 , when the Black Moon on his natal Pluto , where the wont of power at any cost , or you can decide above all things after the people end up paying . The other day who also has dark is 24/01/2015 , when the black moon is on his native Black Moon, is likely to have to rethink what you are doing and want to change your life for a life not projected in politics, perhaps a trip or a situation you do clip change.

Uranus will be transiting his natal Venus and Mars, incentivándole their rebellion and reformist attitude, dictatorial force, or that no one would stand by its decisions will be permanently inventing changes or reforms , one after another, to patch the situation, but tend to permanent opposition of society or people. Somehow I do not have peace in this time, but will have a strong fighting spirit, but with great stress, in which will disappear for days and days, need for rest, or take forces are likely to travel are more leisure and escapism , which for political reasons .

Curiously enough , in the secondary addresses , the Midheaven reaches the 12th house , at 61 , this may indicate that their political action or profession would culminating or losing strength , or otherwise dissipated , we must be vigilant and see what happens ..... God help us .

RICARDO M. ZANI astrologer

By birth charts to

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